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Classic style and modern technology

Antique ambience

Antique-look watches are particularly popular when it comes to increasing the charm of a living room and creating a very special ambience. Especially in our modern times, these old-style watches offer a welcome change.

Modern antique watches at fair prices

This very special style, embodied by wall clocks in an antique look, allows you to beautify your home in a high-quality way. It doesn't always have to be a real antique watch, which likes to fetch several hundred to a thousand euros in collectors' circles and at auctions. Modern antique-look watches don't have to be expensive. So you can keep up with the times even for small prices and enjoy the time-honored style, combined with the advantages of today's new materials.

Used-look thanks to high-quality materials

In addition to the designs, which are mostly based on watch antiques, the materials used, such as enamel or coarsely processed sheets and metals, are also decisive for the antique look of the watches. They are intended to give the impression that the watch has been in operation for quite a while. Wood and printed Alu-Dibond plates are also ideal for the watches in this category.

Dreams in antique

The detailed workmanship of the antique optics watches invites you to dream and takes you back to times long gone. These clocks always form a visual highlight, regardless of whether a design of these wonderful timepieces corresponds exactly to that of an old clock, or whether a modern wall clock has been printed with a picture of an antique. Is your apartment modern and contemporary? Set an accent with an antique look clock and loosen up your living ambience. If you like it rather simple, dignified and classic, then the watches in antique look are the ideal complement.