Summer begins and with it the holiday season. Many people spend their holidays on the North Sea or the Mediterranean. As long as sea, beach und sun make us go outside.  Everyone knows that if you leave your valuables unattended on the beach, you run the risk of being robbed. Watches and other small valuables are often the target of thieves.

With a diver’s watch you can avoid this, by wearing the watch in the water. What are the best diver’s watches in 2022?

Chris Benz watches

The absolute top brand in the field of diver’s watches is Chris Benz. This brand has stood for high-quality diver’s watches made in Germany for many years. Every passionate water sports enthusiast and diver should have heard of this brand. Chris Benz watches are so robust that you can even withstand a bite from a white shark. Yes, you heard that correctly!

The Shark-Proof Bite test was carried out under real conditions in the waters off in Gansbai/South Africa.

Citizen Watches

The Citizen brand has always been known and popular in the world of watches. It was founded in 1918 in Japan. In our shop you can currently find about 330 watches from Citizen. Diver’s watches have also been part of Citizen’s range for a long time. Through technical innovation and progress, fans can look forward to something new every year.
Our recommendation: The JP2000-67L
This watch is the perfect companion for a beautiful diving adventure. With a water density of 20 bar, an integrated depth gauge and other functions, it leaves nothing to be desired.

Luminox Outdoor Watches

Luminox watches are suitable for the entire outdoor area and are considered first-class military watches. More and more people have taken great pleasure in these watches. Almost all Luminox watches are designed so that they can also be used as diver’swatches without any problems. The Luminox brand comes from Switzerland and is now a global player on the watch market.

Our conclusion:

Diving watches are available in any form, thickness, texture. In our shop you will find numerous models from a wide variety of brands. This article should serve as an orientation and help you find the ideal diver’s watch.