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Diver's Watches - not only for divers

Diving watches are water-proof and pressure-resistant watches. They are always equipped with a rotating bezel and usually with a built-in depth gauge and a decompression table. The bezel (the minute ring) marks the dive starting time, allowing an accurate measurement of diving time. With the help of a diver's watch, however, not only the immersion time, but also the resurface and thus the pressure compensation can be controlled.

When buying a diving watch, it is important to ensure the correct marking on the watch. Because only watches with the indication 20 ATM (20 bar/200 m) are suitable for diving. Watches labeled WR (water resistant), however, are not divers watches and only water resistant, not waterproof. Diving watches are protected by means of sealing rings from the ingress of water. But even the water resistance of the high quality diving watches is perishable, so divers watches should always be controlled and protected from shocks.

Of course, diving watches have already been built especially robust, but even with the most robust watches caution is key, especially with respect to ensuring the water density. Therefore, the battery change for a diver's watch should be done from a professional so that water tightness is ensured. Of course, diving watches are suitable not only for divers but also for everyone, and thus for everyday life. Diving watches have a good readability of the time and a sporty design. Thus, they are a trendy timepiece that makes the wearer look sporty and fresh.

A diving watch is always associated with that particular image and has therefore also become popular as a fashion accessory and status symbol. A selection of divers watches is available in our shop. Very high quality diving watches offer e.g. the brands Citizen, Seiko, Ingersoll, and in particular also Luminox, because the diver's watches from Luminox are water resistant in some cases even to 50 bar. So dive into our world of watches and find the perfect model for yourself.