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Tips and trends in diving watches

Find the right diving watch for your needs

You like swimming, diving and have discovered water sports for yourself. Summer is just around the corner and you are thinking about which of your watches can meet the requirements on and in the water. Then you realize that unfortunately no diner watches are waterproof and one has just the label 'splash-proof'.
You need a new watch that not only allows you to swim, but even fits your new passion, diving.
The new watch should not just be a technically flawless watch. The model should suit you and also cut a good figure in everyday life.

The new generation of diving watches are not only waterproof and reliably tell the time, but are also reliable companions for social occasions. Here you can find out which variants and differences there are in diving watches, what the respective advantages of the watches are and which watches suit you best.

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What makes a diver's watch stand out

Diving watches are waterproof and pressure-resistant wristwatches.

Diving watches are always equipped with a rotating bezel and usually with a built-in depth gauge and a decompression table.
The bezel (minute ring) marks the start time of the dive, allowing an accurate measurement of dive time. The bezel can only be rotated counterclockwise. This ensures that the marked start time of the dive is always before the actual start time. The diver is thus protected should the bezel unintentionally adjust. This ensures that the dive time is not underestimated and that the surfacing process is started in time.

With the help of a diver's watch, not only the diving time, but also the surfacing and thus the pressure equalization can be controlled.

There are some clear regulations that are regulated in Germany under the DIN standard 8306 if you want to assign watches to the category of diver's watch. These include the tested water resistance, the clear readability from a distance of 25 cm even in the dark and the possibility to define a time span via a bezel or, if necessary, timer.

Likewise, the DIN standard 8306 goes further in terms of testing and stipulates that these watches must be pressure-resistant up to 20 bar or more, must remain in a water depth that corresponds to the specified pressure specification for at least two hours, have a shockproof housing and the watch is anti-magnetic. Only when the 8306 standard is met is it a diver's watch.

What does water resistance mean?

We speak of waterproofing when the product has properties that prevent water from penetrating. What exactly this means is regulated by the DIN standard 8306 described above. The term water-resistant is often understood in a similar way. But these are watches that may be able to withstand rain for a very short time and are only resistant to hand washing and splashing water. However, if watches of this type are left in water for a long time or are exposed to high water pressure, water penetrates into these watches.

Very simple models that are only splash-proof will only survive a few seconds in the water. Watches of slightly higher quality, which comply with the DIN standard 8310, must withstand immersion in water for more than 30 minutes at one meter. In this case, however, we are not talking about professional diving watches.

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What to look for when buying a diver's watch!

When buying a diver's watch, it is first important to pay attention to the correct marking of water resistance. The resistance is indicated in bar and is usually noted on the case back.

Only watches with the designation from 20 ATM (20 bar/200 m) are suitable for diving.

Watches below 20 bar or with the marking WR (water-resistant), on the other hand, are not diving watches and are only suitable for swimming, bathing and showering, or even only splash-proof and in any case not waterproof. In this respect, only watches with a water resistance of at least 20 bar or 200 m are real diving watches that are also suitable for diving.

Diving watches are protected against the ingress of water with the help of sealing rings. But even the water resistance of these highest-quality watches is ephemeral, which is why a regular check is also appropriate here. As a rule, all diving watch brands offer a leak test. However, this is subject to a fee due to the effort involved and is not part of the purchase.

Battery Replacement for Diving Watches

Of course, dive watches are already built to be particularly robust, but even with the most robust watch, care must be taken, especially with regard to ensuring water resistance. Therefore, the battery change of such a watch should also be carried out by a professional to ensure the highest and longest possible water resistance.
Diving watches are not only suitable for divers, but also for everyday life.
Diving watches have a good readability of the time and a sporty design. This makes them a trendy timepiece that makes the wearer look sporty and fresh.

Diving Watches Trends

Here we give you an outlook on developments in the diving watch sector that are trending. A diving watch is always associated with a person who is active in sports and has long since become popular as a fashion accessory and status symbol. A selection of many brands of diving watches can be found in our shop. Very high-quality diving watches are offered, for example, by the brands Citizen, Seiko, Chris Benz and also Luminox. Some of Luminox's diving watches are even water-resistant to 50 bar.
Mechanical diving watches are very trendy because these watches have the advantage that you don't have to change the battery. A battery change always means a subsequent test of the water resistance and this is not necessary with mechanical diving watches.
New innovative brands such as Chris Benz set the accents in high quality at affordable prices. The watches are so robust that they can even withstand the bite of a shark attack.
Seiko relies on innovative designs with two-tone dials for new models.
Citizen gives new colors and dials to classic models, thus revitalizing the range.