Our clock of the week is the TIN/CITRON by Roger Lascelles. It is both a kitchen clock and a vintage wall clock, due to its design. The model is one of the French kitchen clocks by Roger Lascelles and amazes with its well-known aesthetic. To this regard, one can wonder, what are the things that make a kitchen complete? We have listed them for you, our clock included.

Essentials for your kitchen

Are you that close to boy or rent your first apartment? Beside furnishing your room, do not forget the importance of a well-furnished kitchen! That way, you can feel just at ease after having thrown a nice housewarming party with delicious food. Below we listed the best kitchen basics for your new home:

A stainless steel pot set is a good start and the perfect equipment!

A set of pans and skillet is as practical as unavoidable for a new home, especially since they come in different size. Plus, they require the perfect spatula for it.

To make the cooking process calming and enjoyable, there are other important basics, like a measuring cup, bowls, a can opener, etc. And, of course, sharp knives!

Your food will also need an effective presentation, at this point. That is why plates and cutlery should not be missing, as well as glasses and mugs.

All these things are must-haves in a kitchen. In addition to that, you can find many useful devices like coffee machines, milk frother and many more. Time is relatively an important thing, both in the kitchen and outside. So, what is the better than having a chic kitchen clock?


Our Roger Lascelles TIN/CITRON

The Roger Lascelles TIN/CITRON is both a wall clock and a retro clock. The clock has a metal plate shaped structure with a diameter of 34,5 cm. On the dial you can see yellow lemons and blue Arabic numerals. The hands are also blue and in a vintage aesthetic. The yellowish clock frame shows the phrase “Nice-Citron Le Meilleur de tous”. The whole clock has a vintage look, making it indeed a vintage kitchen clock.