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Time, charm and melon - the kitchen wall clock

The different watch brands offer a wide variety of styles and characteristics. For example, AMS offers modern watches in addition to classic models. Bellezza mainly offers kitchen clocks with café-themed motifs. If you want it a little more unusual, it's best to take a look at the watches from van Gosen. These kitchen clocks shine with fresh and colorful motifs. It gets even more unusual with some kitchen wall clocks from Hermle or Nextime, which look like kitchen objects. The kitchen clocks by Roger Lascelles are characterized by motifs as well as a distinctive vintage style.
Nowadays, different materials are used. But ceramics as a classic material for kitchen clocks are also still widely used.

The kitchen clock today

In addition to appealing design, fresh ideas in terms of color and shape, and detailed motifs, kitchen clocks today also offer state-of-the-art technology. For example, radio-controlled clocks are on the rise in the kitchen. Thus, your radio-controlled kitchen clock reliably displays the current time. In addition, radio-controlled clocks automatically switch to the current time twice a year, whether summer or winter time.