Christmas is just around the corner, just few weeks until it is here. Another year where people just wonder what they can give to their loved ones as present, so that they are happy! For example, everyone can need a watch or a wall clock, of which you can find a vast selection in our shop. With the aid of our search criteria, on the left side of the page, you can filter your research by choosing price, brand, colour or material. Surely, lots of people wouldn’t want to pour money down the drain with unnecessary expensive presents and spend more than 100 pounds. You can be reassured: you would find timepieces in our shop under 100 pounds! Of course, we already made a quick research for you with wall clocks and watches you can purchase with less than 100 pounds. Have fun choosing the perfect Christmas present!

Watches under 20 Pounds

We would like to start with two watches for women and for men, which lay in a price range of less than 20 pounds. The brand Casio is a must. Casio offers budget-priced high-quality watches, qualifying as a perfect present!

Clocks for the living space between 20 and 60 Pounds!

Here you can find a selection of wall clocks for a price range of 20 to 60 pounds. A reasonable price range for a Christmas present. Here presented is a trendy brand, Karlsson Clocks and our classic wall clocks AMS.

Watches between 60 and 80 Pounds!

You can also find watches below the price of 80 pounds. For this price you can also find already trendy brands like Festina or Citizen. Two models that are perfect for every occasion! The Festina 16940_1 presents even small crystals as dot markers on the dial.

Christmas gifts under 100 pounds!

Finally, we can present you, for the gift ideas under 100 pounds, two top clock brands for the living space. We are talking about Hermle and Seiko. The office clock Hermle 30471-002100 has even an elegant, noble silver stainless steel case.