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Casio Watches: Innovation - High-Tech - Lifestyle

April 1946, Mitaka, Tokyo: Kashio Tadao founded the company Kashio Seisakujo, that today is known around the world as Casio Computer Co., Ltd.'s. Casios principles are contribution and creativity and sum up the ambition to create useful and original products for everyday life. Casio has quickly expanded their market leader position in the design and manufacture of a variety of electronic devices. This includes innovations, without our modern life is no longer thinkable. For example, the world's first fully electronic compact calculator or the first digital camera, which was equipped with a TFT display to immediately view the photos taken. Today, Casio is probably the best known manufacturer of digital watches. These are available in a diversity of variations and always meet the spirit of the time.

So, last but not least, the outstanding success of the Casio G-Shock series in the 2000s and 2010s remains unparalleled. They have, over the last 20 years, maintained a cult and back then triggered a huge hype surrounding their launch, everybody wanted to have them! They are still the perfect companion for proponents of an exciting and conformist lifestyle. The G-Shock models combine maximum functionality with unsurpassed robustness and were quick tip for outdoor enthusiasts and walkers. With the introduction of more and more color variations, the G-Shock later transformed into a coveted fashion accessory for teens and tweens.

And then there are the Baby-G watches, which make you think of summer immediately and a casual beach party with cool beats and delicious cocktails. Even for a brief nap in the evening sun, Baby Gs are ideal with their alarm function. People for whom quality and design are particularly important, are surely friends of the models of the Edifice collection. This series speaks to all ages, so you are up to date with the combined digital and analog displays.

Also specialized models for the sport belong to the field of Casio. No other manufacturer is able to invent the right clock for each individual sport. This of course includes digital watches, which are adapted to the harsh conditions of sport diving. Depths of up to 200 meters are no problem, because they hold up to 20 BAR pressure, without damage. For the high alpine sports Casio offers watches with an altimeter and height addition. Moreover, these watches are particularly insensitive to cold temperatures. Hikers use the built-in digital compass. Sailors know the yacht timer from Casio as well as joggers and runners the models with built-in heart rate monitor.

Today, digital watches from Casio combine high-tech functions such as data storage, altimeter and heart-rate-determination with a timeless and modern design. Functionality and chic distinguish the different Casio watches.

Constant innovations and the wide variety of Casio promote the company with very high quality products that inspire to diverse features. The right Casio for you is right in front of you, in our Casio watches shop-category.