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CASIO - Buyer's Guide Casio Watches

Find the right Casio watch for your taste

lunch break. You sit in a restaurant with a work colleague and enjoy the time-out. Relaxed conversations and delicious food in beautiful summer weather. After some time, your new Casio watch signals to you that you should slowly make your way towards the office. Because of the conversations, you lost track of time. But thanks to the helpful alarm function of your Casio watch, you'll make it back in time.

Find out here what makes Casio watches so modern and exclusive and which variants are available for you.

Table of contents

Casio's values

The company has successfully expanded its market leadership position in the design and manufacture of a wide range of electronic devices. Casio⤙s principles are "Contribution and Creativity" and aim to create useful and original products for everyday life. This also includes innovations, without which our modern everyday life is inconceivable. For example, the world's first fully electronic compact calculator or the first digital camera equipped with a TFT display for immediate viewing of the photos taken. Today, Casio is probably the best-known manufacturer of digital wristwatches. These are available in a variety of variations and always meet the spirit of the time.

Casio all-round talents for sports

Specialized models for sports are also part of Casio's area of expertise. Hardly any other manufacturer is able to invent the right watch for every single sport. These include diving watches that are adapted to the harsh conditions of bartering. Diving depths of up to 200 meters are no problem. They can withstand up to 20 BAR of pressure without being damaged. Casio offers functions such as integrated height gauges and height addition for alpine high-altitude sports. In addition, these watches are particularly resistant to cold. Hikers use the built-in digital compass. Joggers and runners in particular appreciate the models with built-in heart rate monitors. As you can see, Casio is diversified and offers watches in many different segments. So you can be sure that as an enthusiastic athlete you will also find a suitable Casio watch.

Casio Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small preview of developments and trends of Casio watches.

G-Shock Model

The overwhelming success of the Casio G-Shock series in the 2000s and 2010s is unique. They have maintained a cult status over the last 20 years and were able to gain a lot of attention even then when they were introduced. To this day, they are the perfect companion for advocates of an exciting and non-conformist lifestyle. The G-Shock models combine maximum functionality with unsurpassed robustness and quickly became an insider tip for outdoor fans and hikers. With the introduction of more and more color variations, the G-Shock watch later turned into a sought-after fashion companion.

Digital Clocks

Digital watches from Casio today combine high-tech functionalities such as data storage, altitude measurement and heart rate determination with a timeless design. The Casio watches are characterized by modern and technical sophistication. Constant innovations and the wide variety of Casio promote the company with very high-quality products, which inspire with a wide variety of features. Despite the many additional functions, the clear display of the Casio digital watches makes it easy to read the various information.

Baby-G Wristwatches

A real highlight are the Baby-G Casio watches. They are very stylish and at the same time technically functional. Robust materials and scratch-resistant surfaces round off the Casio watches. People who are particularly interested in quality and design are sure to get their money's worth with the different models. Casio's Baby-G wristwatches appeal to all ages. The combination of stylish and innovative digital and analogue displays reflect the ideal companion for everyday life.