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AMS Â a modern family business for the highest quality and special design quality

from the Black Forest. This is just one of the characteristics that is inevitably associated with the AMS brand. If you are looking for modern wall clocks, you will find them here as well as classic grandfather clocks.

As early as 1776, there are first indications of the laying of the foundation stone of the family business: Joseph Mayer is the first surviving watch dealer of the later manufacturer of the well-known AMS watches from the Black Forest. Around 1841 the first written evidence for the company was sent, which means that the official dating begins at this time. Since this year, generation after generation of the Mayer family has been producing reliable and appealing watches for every taste. With each generation, new ideas come into the company, which means that the brand retains a modern touch despite or perhaps because of its long company history.

The AMS watch manufacturers attach great importance to a contemporary design, which is still produced today in a family atmosphere. AMS wall clocks and AMS table clocks have been manufactured for more than 150 years in the family business, which now has over 20 employees. Glass clocks with pendulum or AMS grandfather clocks are also part of the popular range, which is constantly being adapted and expanded to meet the demands of the clientele.

The wide range of watch designs at AMS offers the opportunity to choose the watch for your own home that fits your furnishing style exactly. For example, the AMS grandfather clocks are a special eye-catcher, which underlines a classic ambience. The grandfather clocks and wall clocks, made in fine woods, reach stately sizes and have a decisive influence on the impression of the room. Wood is a very special material for the AMS brand, as it establishes the connection to the beginnings of the company's history like no other material. The natural and original nature of the material also provides numerous processing variations that enable a high-quality and creative design. Numerous carvings and marquetry work, executed by master craftsmen, are often found on the wooden timepieces and emphasize the excellent workmanship with great attention to detail.

The modern glass watches also remain a sign of the AMS brand. The numerous different styles are particularly emphasized here. For example, there are models with different colored glasses, which have beautiful color effects due to a convergence. Or the AMS Stiluhr 156, which shows an old Casablanca movie poster on curved glass and is particularly popular with film lovers.

Do you like it modern and colorful? How about an eye-catching AMS pendulum clock that quotes the design of the traditional cuckoo clock from the Black Forest, the AMS 7372. Or an angular and rather minimalist glass table clock that stands out with its clearly cut shapes and reduced accessories? Take a look around and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

The best place to buy AMS watches is on Uhren4you.de, one of the few distributors of the AMS brand.