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AMS - High quality timepieces since 1841

"Quality from the Black Forest". This is only one of the features one will be thinking about, when the name AMS comes up. No matter if you are looking for a modern wall clock or a classical grandfather clock, you will definitely find an appealing new clock in this category.

The family-owned business can be traced back to the year 1776, when Joseph Mayer started to sell the first hand-made clocks in Furtwangen, Black Forest, Germany. Later the company was renamed into AMS which stands for Alois Mayer & Sons. In 1841, the first invoice stating the brands name was issued, which is why the official history of the brand is starting in that specific year. Since then, generations of the Mayer family have been producing reliable and appealing clocks for everyones liking. For more than 160 years, AMS clocks have been manufactured in the family-owned workshop which today has about 20 employees.

Each generation came up with innovative designs and technological enhancements, which keeps the brand modern and up-to-date despite the long history. Alongside their classic models and pendulum wall clocks, AMS watch manufacturers put great emphasis on contemporary design. Hence, modern glass clocks with pendulum or modern AMS grandfather clocks belong to the most popular models. And the variety of models is constantly being expanded, always adapting to the Zeitgeist and to the needs of the clientele.

The great variety of clock designs offers the opportunity to specifically choose the perfect AMS clock for your own four walls, one that suits your interior style or personal preferences. For instance, AMS' classic wall clocks are an eye-catcher most suitable for a classic ambiente. Classic wall clocks and clocks made of fine wood reach impressive dimensions and have a great impact on how a room is perceived by the beholder.

Wood is a very important natural resource for AMS. In our modern days the classic material establishes and maintains a connection to the company's long history like no other material. The natural character of the material is further ideal for processing, and it allows for numerous variations in style and shape - a critial prerequisite during the production process where both questions of quality and design have to be considered.

Wood allows for carvings and inlay works, inserted by craftsmen who have mastered their technique in many years. Carvings and inlays emphasize best the excellent workmanship and AMS' great attention to detail. AMS model 2672/1, a classic regulator clock is visual proof for this. It comes with a walnut case, rougly one meter in height and feature an eight day cable movement with Westminster chime.

Today the modern glass clocks have become just another flagship of the brand AMS. The great variety of styles and shapes is unmatched. There are for example models with coloured glass, where the colours are blending into each other which results in beautiful clocks. The AMS Style Clock 156 is another good example for AMS's creativity when it comes to high-quality glass clocks. It features an old Casablanca movie poster on curved glass, and is very popular among movie friends around the world.

You prefer a modern and colorful clock? How about the eye-catching AMS pendulum clock 7372, which resembles the design of traditional cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest. If you prefer a more edgy and minimalist table clock that catches your attention with clear-cut shapes and reduced decoration please have a look at AMS's great assortment and you will surely find the ideal clock for your home.

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