The best time of the year! And we are in the middle in it! It is summer, the temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and we spend a lot of time outside. Even at this time of year you can use a new watch. In fact, you can find out what to look out for when buying watches for the summer in this article!

What is a summer watch, really?

A summer watch must of course look light and fresh in summer. Colourful looks are certainly an advantage. These convey a special touch of colour to your outfit ando go well with sun-brown skin. A light summer watch doesn’t need frills. Having a simple look and being practical is sufficient.

In addition, high-priced luxury watches do not suit summer. The sun, sun cream, chlorine, salt water and much more are bad for them. It would be a pity if something were to happen to a watch of this kind. In addition, summer watches would ease the passage to the new season.

It is also good not to opt for a metal strap, since metal expands when heated. The strong heat can be transferred to the metal and you can also burn yourself. This is anything but comfortable to wear. A leather bracelet is also not recommended in summer. This high-quality bracelet can get discoloration and suffer greatly from the heat.

Therefore, silicone or nylon bracelets are more suitable for summer. You don’t have to worry about them when they get wet. In addition, a water resistance of 10 AM or higher would be recommended here, as with a diver’s watch, so that nothing can go wrong when bathing. Because the summer watch should not only match the outfit, but should also be fun!

Tommy Hilfiger 1782334
Swatch LK204

Summer watches at

This watch by Tommy Hilfiger features a soft pink silicone strap and golden case. In addition, there is a nacre dial, which makes the watch look sporty but elegant. The watch by s.Oliver is made of a bright turquoise blue in the bracelet as well as in the case and dial and thus becomes a certain eye-catcher of your outfit.

There is also a summer watch from Swatch. Its dial and artificial bracelet in vibrant lilac and red make a great summer watch. In comparison, you could also opt for the sporty Casio watch, which consists of a pink resin strap and case, in combination with an analogue dial.

s.Oliver SO-2750-PQ
Casio LA-20WH-4A1EF