Pocket watches have a long and old tradition. They used to be a practical companion in everyday life. A pocket watch is a watch attached to a chain and carried in a trouser or a jacket pocket. Ladies often wore pocket watches around the neck or waist. Nowadays pocket watches have gone out of fashion and have been replaced by wrist watches. Nevertheless, the watch with vintage style always remains in fashion. So we present you some of our pocket watches as wall clocks:

The different versions

This is a version of Atlanta brand. It is 36 cm x 43 cm and has a silver-colored plastic case. The small holder reminds of a pocket watch. The dial is white and the numerals are black and Roman. Due to the fact that the black hands are embellished, the vintage character is mirrored. The quartz movement is silent.

This is a wall clock of the manufacturer AMS. It is 47 cm x 32 cm tall and 6 cm in depth.  It consists of a black metal case, with lateral decorations in the lower part.  This creates a 3D optical illusion. The holder which reminds of a pocket watch is fine but slightly larger. The dial has beige-blue striped wooden elements, which due to their old character match with the vintage look. The numerals are black and Arabic and the hands are also black. The quartz movement is silent.

This is a wall clock from Lowell brand. It is 32 cm x 41 cm tall and 7 cm in depth. It consists of a thick black metal case. The small holder on the top of the clock is silver and there are some elaborate appliqués. The dial is black and the numerals are white and Roman.  The hands, on the other hand, are silver-colored and ornate. It is a quartz movement clock.

These two clocks are both from Antique Home brand. They both are 26 cm x 28 cm x 6,5 cm and have a black metal case in antique look with a small holder on the clock. The first version is in cream-white with black Arabic numerals and the other one is in red with cream-white Arabic numerals. Both have black hands.