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Antique HOME - wonderful wall clocks for modern homes

Already the name Antique HOME promises classic design and quality workmanship of the old days. You also connect the name with a homely atmosphere, as known from your childhood, reading a book sitting in front of the fireplace. Just the feeling of being at home with the comfort provided by it's security. Everybody who is choosing a clock by the brand Antique HOME, decides for a timepiece with a very special feel-good factor.

The wonderful Antique HOME clocks are manufactured with special attention to details. The numerous details such as the small-scale motifs and the idyllic sceneries put a smile on the faces of everyone seeing them. Also the watches with a metal frame spread a unique flair. Based on the classical station clock design, in combination with a touch of vintage, the clocks not only enchant lovers of the romantic style of furnishing. The clock is provided with a simple and timeless metal frame, whereas the dial provides the distinctive charm through specifically chosen motifs.

More and more popular are also the watches that resemble the very modern shabby chic. The watches are being trimmed to look old, by the choice of materials as well as the way of machining also creates a certain used look of the antique home style. Also the delicate theme of each article is aptly chosen for this style and made via artistic high-quality processing.