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Pocket Watches - the comeback of the good old times

No matter what style you prefer when you are looking for a special and eye-catching timepiece, you are properly advised with a pocket watch in any case. This hint of nostalgia that comes up when you are asked for the time, not as common today you pull out your smartphone, but a pocket watch, is incomparable!

It is not only a pleasant surprise for your fellow man, but also provides you with compliments. Especially the eye-catching models that have a jump apparatus in which the front pops open and the back as well to reveal the dial, speak for the glory and nobility of the watchmakers of the past, which are often purchased for pocket watches collections.

Since the invention of the pocket watch by Peter Henlein in Nuremberg in 1504, a lot has changed on the market, but not the special stand of the mechanical watch. At the beginning of the pocket watches era, they were worn by the men in their pockets, ladies usually wore them on a chain around the neck, or, if you are considering the big robes of the 17th century on a chain around the waist.

The former accessory of the rich and noble is now welcome even with the masses, so the cheaper models from Casio or Dugena are very popular today in order to set a fashion statement. Of course there are the modern models that meet all the design requirements of a stop watch for the sporting needs and leave the nostalgia out. These pocket watches are made from robust materials and will survive one or the other shock without suffering from it.