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Lowell - Italian design and German craftsmanship

The Lowell clocks are made in Italy and Germany. The design comes from Italy and the movments are made in Germany. Best conditions for unique design and quality workmanship.

The range of the different styles of Lowell clocks starts with playful and colorful children's clocks through to elegant design wall clocks. Kids wall clocks are suitable for children, for instance as their first clock because they are so easy to read. Lowell clocks are colorful, but simplstic so they will not distract or confuse the children.

The brand Lowell is best known for their design clocks. Some minimalistic models, for instance, are designed in the style of disco-balls or planets or the like that are rather unusual for clocks. In case you like it a bit more extraordinary? some models do not even have a conventional clock face. Instead they are made of huge numbers or the time is projected onto the wall - the actual clock face exists only as a projection. Especially when it comes to modern wall clocks, Lowell is one of the most popular manufacturers.

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