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Atlanta - Paragon

- Excellent quality at fair prices Paragon

is the

Greek word for "excellent" and is also the company that has been selling wall clocks, table clocks and alarm clocks under the Atlanta brand name since 1988. Today, these watches of the highest quality and unique designs are known all over the world.

It doesn't matter whether Pendulum clock or table clock, whether radio movement or quartz, whether round or square... this brand offers the right model for every taste and every furnishing style. Atlanta's wide range of products ranges from classically elegant to cutting-edge and modern. The range of high-quality materials used is also broad; from different types of wood to metal and glass, everything is included.

Paragon is always trying out new things in terms of design. For example, a kitchen clock whose index and hands are made of cutlery, with the dial in the shape of a waiter. But of course, the Paragon company also returns to tried and tested items such as the timeless pendulum clock made of chic beech wood with a classic Arabic dial. Thanks to its decades of experience, this innovative company is able to play with a wide variety of style elements and thus always develop a wide variety of watch designs. Each Atlanta is clearly characterized by functionality and special features.

Atlanta watches are best bought in our shop. We hope you enjoy browsing and will of course be happy to advise you if you have any questions.