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Annual clocks - stylish table clocks full of swing and elegance Annual

clocks are offered by various well-known manufacturers, so you can find Haller annual clocks, Ams annual clocks and Rhythm annual clocks in a wide variety of variations.

It is not only the extraordinary appearance of the watches that makes them so popular. Anyone who is enthusiastic about watches will also appreciate the mechanical highlights of these annual watches, such as the rotary pendulum, which allows the watch to run for several months with a winding. The high-quality workmanship of these pieces of jewelry goes without saying, which results in a very long service life and also determines the reliability of the table clocks.

The pendulums of the annual clocks, the rotary pendulums, are a very distinctive distinguishing feature. In addition to this sophistication, there are different variations of the watches. For example, the Haller and AMS annual watches are almost all covered with a cylindrically rising and rounded glass dome, the dial and the rotary pendulum are always changed a little, resulting in countless design possibilities. For example, the spherical weights of the rotary pendulum can sometimes be simple metal balls, but sometimes they can also be more elaborate gemstones or take on other shapes. The Rhythm annual watches, on the other hand, are usually boxy and often have a temple on the top, which means that the watch can also be worn comfortably. In addition to the different shapes of the cases, different materials are of course also used, and the color design of the watches always varies.