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Buyer's Guide Junkers Watches

Find the right Junkers watch to suit your taste

With a pilot's watch from Junkers you complement your outfit in a special way. Such watches have become a rarity. Stand out from the crowd and shine with your Junkers watch.

Table of contents

History of Junkers

The German engineer Hugo Junkers gained fundamental knowledge in aircraft construction early on and developed over time into one of the most important aircraft manufacturers in the world. Today, he is considered a historical figure and a pioneer in the history of aircraft engines. Notable models include the Junkers J1, Junkers J4 and the Junkers F13. All models reflect the unforgettable will and ambition of the pioneer Hugo Junkers. Constantly developing himself and his aircraft are just a few attributes of his special personality. To honor the extraordinary achievement, watches are made in the unique aviator design and named after many types of aircraft. The company does not want Hugo Junker's historical contribution to the further development of aviation to be forgotten. The result is the production of high-quality watches in shape, color and material.

watches from Junkers

For many years, the name Junkers has stood for tradition and reliability. Models for women and men are handmade in Germany and provided with the certified expression Made in Germany. Junkers offers many different watch models for men and women, which are released in limited editions. Many watch models appear to commemorate the outstanding achievements of the former Junkers aircraft and to dedicate justified recognition to them. The watches of the Junkers brand will particularly delight those who are particularly attracted to aviation and its exciting history. The Junkers watches impress with their simple yet extravagant designs.

In our assortment you will find various pilot's watches. A diverse variation of materials, shapes and colours. The watches vary in all categories. Whether it's an automatic watch, quartz watch, chronograph, leather strap or stainless steel bracelet, with a Junkers watch you can make a timeless and classic statement on your wrist. The special design of the Junkers brand is characterized by the unique combination of state-of-the-art watchmaking technology and classic looks. The elegant timepieces from Junkers are suitable for every occasion and give your outfit that certain something.

Pilot's Watches

Pilot's watches were designed for airline pilots who had problems with classic wristwatches during flight. Pilots were exposed to some adverse circumstances. For example, pilots operated their watches with gloves and sometimes watches were also worn over their sleeves. Pilot's watches were supposed to make the life of airline pilots a little easier. For this reason, the watches had to meet some requirements in order to become helpful alternatives to the classic wristwatches. Information had to be readable at all times and the materials had to meet certain technical requirements. The most distinctive features are the high-contrast dial, the very precise movement and robust materials. In addition to Junkers, manufacturers such as Zeppelin, Messerschmitt and Citizen also specialize in pilot's watches.

Junkers Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small preview of developments and trends of Junkers watches.

G38 Series

The G38 series is reminiscent of the world-famous German four-engine airliner from the 20th century. It was built only twice by the Junkers aircraft factory. With a length of 22 meters and a wingspan of 44 meters, the aircraft was a sensation at the time. To commemorate the pioneering spirit of the inventor and his company, this watch series was named after the venerable aircraft. The watches in the series combine the distinctive design of the aircraft with the arts of watchmaking, taking production to a new level.

In addition to the G38 series, other series commemorate the milestones in aviation history. Our assortment includes models from the Junkers Eisvogel F13, JU 52 D-AQUI, Junkers Bauhaus Lady series and many more. In addition, series are constantly being expanded and updated. With this variety of watches, there is the right watch for every taste.