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The JVD brand enjoys great popularity throughout Europe. Quality and design are fully convincing at the Czech watch manufacturer. The stylish wall and table clocks are available in different shapes, colours and materials. Whether in a modern design with a digital display or classic through and through, JVD is known for catering to every taste. If you are also interested in a timelessly beautiful wall clock, then you have come to the right place. Take your time to click through our extensive range and let yourself be inspired to new living ideas!

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JVD watches - unique quality from the Czech Republic

Quality is a top priority for the JVD brand. The family-owned company, which is well-known throughout Europe, is based in the picturesque Czech Republic. Since 1993, high-quality wall and table clocks have been sold from here. Each watch is carefully checked for quality and appearance before being sold. Only impeccably crafted watches are available online to discerning living enthusiasts. Our JVD wall clocks also impress with technical functions and a flawless appearance. Due to these special features, you receive a 3-year warranty when you buy our JVD wall or table clocks. If there is a problem with the striking or movement or the mechanics during this time, simply contact our service. Of course, we will help you as soon as possible.

JVD wall clocks in classic design

If you are looking for a classic wall clock, you will get your money's worth in our JVD range. Our selection of beautiful watches is just right for home lovers with a penchant for timeless designs. In addition to round models with a robust plastic case and a clear dial, you will find classic JVD wall clocks with wooden frames or with an additional pendulum. Our classic round or square wall clocks fit effortlessly into any living space. Thanks to their timeless look, they come into their own perfectly between both simple and colourful furniture. You can also create a classic ambience with our wall clocks from the brand Atlanta. The high-quality clocks are made of materials such as metal, ceramic or wood and look great throughout the living area. Especially for vintage lovers, it is worth taking a look at our Atlanta range.

A timeless eye-catcher in your home - elegant JVD pendulum clocks

The pendulum clock is considered a classic home accessory that never goes out of style. The JVD brand is also convinced of the advantages of such a watch. In our online shop you can expect a large selection of stylish JVD wall and table clocks with pendulums. The stylish models come in different designs, materials and colours. If you are looking for a classic wall clock with an integrated pendulum, we recommend our JVD wall clocks with robust wooden housing. The more modern version, which we also have in our JVD range, has a plastic housing and a simple design. A must for anyone who is looking for a unique pendulum clock in a creative design. By the way, a stylish alternative to the hanging wall clock is our JVD table clocks with pendulum. The small but fine home accessories cut a great figure, especially in the office or in the living room.

Dreamlike JVD wall clocks for every living area

Whether for the kitchen, the living room, the sleeping area or for the bathroom - JVD wall clocks create a homely ambience in every room. At Timeshop4you.co.uk we offer you a wide variety of stylish watches from the brand JVD. From classic to modern, you can find everything here. For the bedroom, classic, noiseless wall clocks are perfect. Our digital wall and table clocks from JVD are a little more modern. Our JVD wireless table clocks offer additional highlights such as an integrated weather station. Popular for kitchen design are our JVD wall clocks in a modern, timeless style. Sandy colour nuances and minimalist dials set the tone here. Are you in the mood for a classic, rustic clock for the living area? Then our JVD pendulum clocks are made for you. The high-quality clocks are made of robust wood and give your living room an individual and cozy character. Did you know? Our high-quality AMS wall clocks from the Black Forest are also ideal for beautifying your own four walls. Take a look and discover special treasures for your home!

These types of wood are used to make JVD wall clocks

JVD wall clocks are made of robust materials that provide an individual and flawless look. Many JVD watches available in our range impress with their rustic wood look. The Czech watch manufacturer relies on authentic wood species such as cherry or walnut for numerous models. Wooden cases made of mahogany or oak also distinguish JVD wall clocks. In our online shop, we leave nothing to be desired when it comes to wooden watches. Our JVD wall clocks are available in light or dark wood design. Many of our clocks are suitable for wall decoration. If you are looking for a smaller wooden table clock, we also offer you a special selection. Whatever you decide to do - our JVD wooden wall and table clocks will refine your living space in no time at all!

From classic to modern - discover our JVD table clocks

In addition to JVD wall clocks, we offer you a selected assortment stylish table clocks. The noble home accessories can be discovered in our online shop in different variations. Whether in a rustic wood look, in a nostalgic vintage design or in a modern, digital form - you are sure to find what you are looking for with us. Our classic JVD table clocks add that certain something to any living space. Made of rustic wood, they will make your home feel warm and cozy. Our digital table clocks are a real must for friends of modern technology. Thanks to numerous practical functions, they have become an integral part of the everyday lives of many satisfied customers. Experience the advantages of our JVD table clocks and find your new favorite clock with us!

wall clocks for a modern living space

A modern home is the dream of many interior design enthusiasts. JVD wall clocks in a modern style are therefore very popular. The stylish home accessories score with their partly creative, but also minimalist look. With us you will find a selection of special JVD wall clocks for homely moments. Our watches in a glamorous metal look are particularly sought-after. Whether in shimmering silver, with a pink gold metal case or with gold accents - add a©little glamour to your home with our JVD wall clocks! Looking for more inspiration? Also discover our Karlsson wall clocks. The Dutch watch brand focuses on quality and extravagant, stylish design.

Buy stylish wall clocks of the brand JVD online

Would you like to set the scene for your home in style with the help of special home accessories? Welcome to our JVD watch range! At Uhren4you you can expect an extensive selection of high-quality JVD wall clocks at the best price. Whether you're looking for a classic or modern watch, there's something for everyone. While our classic JVD wall clocks are characterized by special wood qualities and nostalgic shapes, our modern wall clocks score with technical highlights, bright colors and creative shapes. If you can't decide which wall clock fits into your home, we will be happy to help you. Our telephone customer service is available from Monday to Friday. You are also welcome to send us your request using our contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible. Are you from near Osnabrück? Just visit us on site in our shop. We look forward to advising you personally!