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Haller - Luxurious variety combined with functional precision

For more than 50 years, the medium-sized company Haller has been successfully run as a family business and manufactures high-quality table clocks and wall clocks. Haller's range covers both high-quality mechanical clocks and quartz clocks. The main focus, however, is on table clocks with rotating pendulum movements, which are known as annual clocks.

The company was founded in the heart of the Black Forest on the Deutsche Uhrenstrasse. In this way, Siegfried Haller created the basis for the huge success of the clock manufactory, which was still small at the time. Today, the Black Forest company is known worldwide for the production of first-class clocks.

Haller style clocks and table pendulum clocks are mostly equipped with a quartz movement and set pretty accents in every home or office. They are made of high-quality materials such as cherry wood, brass and crystal glass. Thus, these Haller clocks are characterized by beautiful design as well as functionality and durability. Many customers who purchased a Haller clock decades ago remain loyal to the brand to this day.

Wall clocks from Haller are usually equipped with an 8-day chain winding movement. However, Haller⤙s wide-ranging variety also includes wall clocks with quartz movements. The so-called skeleton pendulum clocks are available in different designs - either completely made of metal or as a combination of fine wood and metal. They impress with their simple elegance and individuality.

The main focus of the Haller range, however, is on the annual clocks. These clocks are table clocks equipped with a rotating pendulum movement, the pendulum of which rotates very slowly. The power cycle of one year is made possible by a correspondingly long spring and the low energy consumption of the rotary pendulum. The glass dome, with which all Hall annual clocks are equipped, makes them something very special. This unparalleled appearance also gives them a stylish character. The attention to detail, with which each clock is made by hand as a single piece, also makes the heart of every clock lover beat faster. Because these one-of-a-kind pieces are jewels of the art of clockmaking that brighten up everyday life.

All Haller clocks are of lasting value and inspire their owner for a long time with their functionality and uniqueness. So they are not just simple timepieces, but small luxury items for everyone.