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Precision and dedication to craftsmanship - Swiss watches, quality by tradition

There are certain brands in the watch world that are particularly highly regarded and have been able to assert themselves on the market for decades and in some cases for more than 100 years. Many of these brands have one thing in common: they are Swiss watch brands. Swiss watchmakers can look back on many generations of experience, because most companies remained family-owned and thus passed on their expertise directly from generation to generation. At the same time, each new generation brought more contemporary innovations.

While original Swiss movements were initially only used for domestic brands, they are now a prestigious component of many watch models worldwide. Today, Swiss watchmaking stands for an extraordinary fusion of tradition and innovation, which always adheres to the highest quality standards and thus sets standards.

Over decades, Swiss watch manufacturers have established the "Swiss Made" value label through their high precision, which now also guarantees the high quality and reliability of watches from Switzerland worldwide. If you are looking for a high-quality timepiece that looks elegant and retains its value, then you should look at the brands Luminox, METAL. CH or Swiss Military, which are either produced in Switzerland or equipped with the best Swiss movements.

The Swiss Military watches, for example, speak like the METAL. Swiss watches are also particularly popular with the fire brigade or the various special teams, as they offer a special degree of accuracy and user comfort and do not let you down.