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Digital Timepieces - Perfect Engineering

The time display on digital watches is done using a digital LCD display, which has a background-light in most cases. This way, the watch has an advantage compared to an analog display, because it is very easy to distinguish three o'clock at night (03:00) and three o'clock in the afternoon (15:00) from each other.

At the time of their invention, the digital watch sparked a mad hype as a wonder of technology. Christmas 1971, the watchmaker Hamilton presented the forerunner of today's digital watch, the first watch with LEDs, the Hamilton P1 for the price of 3950 dollars. However, these LEDs were real power hogs, so that sometimes the batteries drained after only two days, with frequent use. But this problem has already been solved a year later by the development of opto-electronic liquid crystal display LCD of the Swiss watch company Longines. These LCDs require up to an incredible 30.000 times less power and functioned for more than 12 months using mercury batteries.

Thanks to this technological breakthrough, it was made possible for anyone to produce affordable digital watches, for example manufacturers such as Casio, Seiko and Timex. It was not long until they possessed more great features. These were, for example, a heart rate monitor or a compass. The use of these technical features is either via the display or buttons. Also with the constant innovations in design, housing, material and the bracelet, the world of watches can hardly be imagined without digital watches. Because it excites with the many different variations and is especially great for children because it greatly simplifies the reading of the time.

This retro watches are the perfect companion, always and everywhere. If you too can be inspired by such a timepiece, you'll find more than 250 different models. Including of course your personal digital Casio or digital watches for children.