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Zeppelin watches

Find the right Zeppelin watch to suit your taste

Especially in times of digitalization, when a classic wristwatch has become superfluous, you can stand out from the crowd with a noble pilot's watch. Pilot's watches are characteristic of nostalgia and a unique look. In a special way, they set an example for style and fashion awareness.

Find out here what makes Zeppelin pilot's watches so elegant and exclusive.

Table of contents

The values of Zeppelin

The Zeppelin watches are named after Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (1838-1917). Graf Zeppelin was an extraordinary inventor and pioneer of aeronautics. In 1900, Zeppelin launched the first airships over Lake Constance. Since then, the airships or zeppelins have inspired people. At that time, the zeppelins were a particularly advanced invention. Based on this, the Zeppelin brand now designs chronographs in the classic pilot's watch design that inspire with functional precision. In addition to the high quality, the elaborate cases in a historical look contribute to the fact that not only aviation fans, but also watch lovers appreciate the Zeppelin watches.

What makes a Zeppelin watch

The extraordinary, classic and elegant Zeppelin watches are not only an eye-catcher, but also have a historical background. Tradition is also very important in the production of Zeppelin watches. A Zeppelin watch always has a Swiss movement and is made in Germany. Pioneering spirit and technical sophistication resonate with every Zeppelin watch. Zeppelin’s wristwatches exude a unique charm that you can feel every time you look at the watch.
Get yourself a watch from Zeppelin and wear a historic masterpiece on your wrist. In our shop you will find many different watches from Zeppelin.

Pilot's Watch

The most distinctive features of a pilot's watch are its robust design, a high-contrast dial and very precise movements. In the everyday life of an aviator, the watch should be able to withstand friction and shocks, as well as be easily recognizable in bright and dark light. Manufacturers such as Zeppelin, Messerschmitt or Citizen had to adapt to some demanding circumstances:

Zeppelin Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small outlook on developments and trends of Iron Annie watches.

LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin

The LZ 127 is considered the most successful airship of its time. The airship had a length of 230 meters and had its first flight in 1928. Initially initiated as a rough idea and prototype, the LZ 127 proved to be so reliable that it has become very famous for many spectacular flights. These include the world trip and polar trip. This historical background has prompted Zeppelin to name a watch series after the legendary LZ 127. The watches in the series are intended to reflect the character and zeitgeist of the airship at the time. The classic and elegant character of the watches is reminiscent of the revolutionary era of the LZ 127. Here, nostalgia and tradition are ideally combined with modern technology.


The ladies' watches from Zeppelin are also impressive. In particular, the watches of theLuna series combine a nostalgic character with modern elements. The dial is decorated with beautiful crystals and scores with its elegant shell structure. The watches are equipped with quartz movements. In our shop you will find many different variants. Be it Milanese bracelets made of stainless steel or leather straps.