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Watches Top Brands

Atlanta Uhren Atlanta Uhren
Atrium Atrium
Bauhaus Bauhaus
Bering Bering
Bulova Bulova
Carl von Zeyten Carl von Zeyten
Casio Casio
Chris Benz Chris Benz
Citizen Citizen
Colani Colani
Danish Design Danish Design
Dugena Dugena
Esprit Esprit
Festina Festina
Holzkern Holzkern
Ingersoll Ingersoll
Iron Annie Iron Annie
Jacob Jensen Jacob Jensen
Jacques Farel Kids Jacques Farel Kids
Junkers Junkers
Laimer Laimer
Luminox Luminox
Marc and Sons Marc and Sons
Messerschmitt Messerschmitt
Mockberg Mockberg
Mondaine Mondaine
Police Police
Regent Regent
Ruhla Ruhla
s.Oliver s.Oliver
Scout Scout
Sternglas Sternglas
Sturmanskie Sturmanskie
Swatch Swatch
Swiss Military by Hanowa Swiss Military by Hanowa
Take A Shot Take A Shot
Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger
Traser Traser
UMF Ruhla UMF Ruhla
Vostok Europe Vostok Europe
Waidzeit Waidzeit
Walter Gropius Walter Gropius
Zeppelin Zeppelin

Wall Clocks Top Brands

Allen Designs Allen Designs
Antique HOME Antique HOME
artvendis Uhren artvendis Uhren
Atlanta Atlanta
Blomus Clocks Blomus Clocks
Cloudnola Cloudnola
Dixtime Dixtime
dreizeit dreizeit
Ferdisign Ferdisign
Haller Haller
Hermle Hermle
huamet huamet
Jacob Jensen Wall Clocks Jacob Jensen Wall Clocks
Karlsson Karlsson
Kieninger Kieninger
Leopolt & Kuckuck Leopolt & Kuckuck
Lowell Lowell
Mayr Mayr
Meister-Stück Meister-Stück
Mondaine Wall Clocks Mondaine Wall Clocks
Newgate Newgate
Nextime Nextime
Roger Lascelles Roger Lascelles
Schneider Schneider
Seiko Seiko
Sunshine Garden Sunshine Garden
Terrastudio Terrastudio
Waidzeit Wanduhren Waidzeit Wanduhren
ZEIT.punkt ZEIT.punkt
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The World of Wristwatch Brands

Not all wristwatches are the same, there are countless differences in the models and so are various manufacturers who specialize in certain types. First of all, it is important to distinguish between quartz and mechanical watches. But solar plants are also becoming increasingly popular. Hand-wound watches and automatic watches are among the most sophisticated and precise inventions in history. Brands such as Ingersoll, Junkers and Seiko have specialized in these masterpieces. While Ingersoll mainly offers mechanical watches, the other two also offer quartz movements. By the way, Seiko in particular is known for its precise movements. Seiko is also famous for inventing the Kinetic drive. In this type of drive, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy. Solar movements, in which sunlight is used as a driving force, are available, for example, from the watch brands Casio and Citizen. Citizen has even revolutionized the world of solar watches with its Eco-Drive drive, creating movements that convert not only sunlight but also artificial light into energy. The Swiss fashion brand Casio is best known for its digital watches, such as the Baby G and the G-Shock. But there is much more to Casio watches. It also offers great diving watches and outdoor watches, which brings us to the next way of differentiating the models.

Branded watches according to different categories

This is because many watch brands have also specialized in certain types, i.e. ultimately in their use or area of application. High-quality models in the field of diving watches are also available from the traditional brands Seiko and Citizen, but also from Luminox, for example. Luminox even offers diver's watches that are water-resistant up to 50 bar. The watch brand Zeppelin, like Junkers, is known for the production of pilot's watches. In addition to Casio, outdoor watches are also available from Timex. For precise sports watches and chronographs, Festina is the right choice. The robust military watches are available from the Russian manufacturers Sturmanskie and Vostok Europe, but also from Traser.

Top brands in the field of living room clocks

When it comes to living room clocks, you should first think about what exactly you want. Here, the fundamental differences are even greater than with their smaller siblings for the wrist.

Finally, there are wall clocks, grandfather clocks and also table clocks. High-quality grandfather clocks are available from the brands Hermle and Kieninger. But the Italian Gallo grandfather clocks are also in great demand. In addition to the traditional brands, there are of course also young manufacturers who bring modern grandfather clocks to the market, such as Lowell or Ferdisign. However, if you prefer to rely on the traditional models with a mechanical movement, you can stick with the Hermle or Kieninger grandfather clocks. By the way, both clock brands are also known for their high-quality wall clocks, which can also be found in our online shop Uhren4you.de. But AMS or Seiko watches are also among the most popular models in this category. Other top brands include Atlanta and Westminster. If you now orient yourself away from the wall clocks, over to the table clocks brands, AMS and Atlanta stand out here again. But the innovative Vaerst table clocks are also convincing, as they are made of slate. And the popular annual watches are available from Haller.

Where is it supposed to go?

Of course, you can also approach the online purchase of a living room clock differently and see for which room the piece should be and whether a manufacturer specializes in these models. For the bedroom, for example, the silent watches of the Seiko or K-Edition brand are suitable. Or for the children's room, the popular children's wall clocks by Jacques Farel, which are also equipped with a creeping second. Of course, there are also popular alarm clock brands, such as Casio and Regent. Waterproof bath clocks, on the other hand, are offered by the manufacturers AMS and Atlanta, while branded watches for outdoor use are available from GER-Technik and Westminster. From GER-Technik, we even carry the rare industrial watches from Uhren4you.de. Back in the private living area, however, kitchen clocks are also available, which are available with matching motifs from Terra ceramics and Bellezza. You can read more about the individual categories or manufacturers on the respective pages. Here you will find more useful information that should make it easier for you to buy watches online.