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Karlsson - the high flyer among clock manufacturers

Everyone who is searching for modern wall clocks, has found the right brand: Karlsson. From colorful to quiet and minimalist, to unusual shapes and proportions, everything is represented here, which the clock connoisseurs will appreciate. Especially when it comes to striking designs, Karlsson is ideal. The unusual design is catching the eye and is aimed at diverse tastes. From clocks with colorful plastic hands in XXL format, which are much longer than the casing, to large colorful clocks, Karlsson offers all this and much more.

Even if you do not come from the music industry, with a Karlsson clock, you can still get a gold record - a gold record clock! If you like it classy, of course, there are also regular vinyl designs available in classic style which are a very special eye catcher too.

In addition to the Karlsson Wall Clocks the renowned company also offers alarm clocks and table clocks. Karlsson Alarm Clocks are considered very reliable. So you don't need to worry that you might oversleep or miss an important appointment. The Karlsson Clocks are produced in very modern ways. Thus one finds, for example, a desk clock in the form of a book group, in a bookcase you have to look twice to discover the actual clock.