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Buyer's Guide Tommy Hilfiger Watches

Find the right Tommy Hilfiger watch to suit your taste

It's Saturday night. You've been invited to a co-worker's birthday party. After you've decided on a stylish outfit, you're still missing that certain something. Finally, you remember that you recently bought a new Tommy Hilfiger watch. The stylish watch complements your outfit perfectly and makes you look great. Now the party can begin.

Table of contents

Tommy Hilfiger story

Tommy Hilfiger, the founder of the world-famous brand, grew up in 1951 in the city of Elmira in the state of New York. From an early age, Tommy noticed his passion for fashion. His parents wanted him to become an engineer. Tommy, however, had other plans and decided to go into trading after high school. Due to his interest in fashion, he first decided to buy various jeans and flared trousers, then changed them according to his ideas and preferences and finally sold them again. After various failures such as bankruptcy proceedings and store closures, Tommy decided to found the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1985. From then on, his designed clothing was released under the brand name Tommy Hilfiger. In the next 5 years until 1990, the company would make a big leap. This was followed by a turnover of 25 million dollars and an IPO. To date, the Tommy Hilfiger fashion group has been able to make a special name for itself and at the same time develop into an internationally active company.

While Tommy Hilfiger's fashion was initially based on contemporary model culture, his subsequent designs from the 1980s onwards were based on American urban style. These first American designs were primarily intended for men. Fashion was based on stylish, wearable and comfortable clothing. Over the years, Tommy Hilfiger's fashion line has been steadily expanded. Thus, the company expanded its fashion to the women's world and from then on produced stylish women's clothing. In particular, targeted advertising campaigns led to a rapid increase in company growth and expansion into countries around the world. The company now successfully sells high-quality watches and perfumes.

Tommy Hilfiger watches

The founder himself describes his products as classics with that certain something. It is precisely this corporate philosophy that is reflected in all product areas. In particular, the Tommy Hilfiger watches for ladies and men are indicative of style, class and elegance. These attributes have distinguished the brand for decades and are always presented in a contemporary, innovative and refreshing way. In addition to their visual uniqueness, Tommy Hilfiger watches impress with their high-quality materials. It is worth mentioning here the use of stylish leather and stainless steel straps, as well as high-quality quartz and automatic movements. The product range includes sporty watches, elegant business watches, state-of-the-art watches as well as classic watches. Tommy Hilfiger watches for men and women are unique and high-quality timepieces that shine in the characteristic colors of the company logo. Whether as a stylish companion to a birthday party, as a suitable addition to a business look or in combination with a beautiful dress, with a Tommy Hilfiger watch you make an unforgettable statement in terms of elegance and a stylish addition to your outfit.

Tommy Hilfiger logo

The right-angled world-famous logo in black, red and white colors is known all over the world and is always associated with the Tommy Hilfiger company. However, you will not only find the logo on the catwalks of this world, but also on the high-quality brand watches in our shop. The color combination is derived from the nautical flag alphabet. This alphabet was originally used in shipping to exchange messages between ships in an optical way.

Tommy Hilfiger Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small preview of developments and trends at Tommy Hilfiger.

Cooperation with Lewis Hamilton

British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful racing drivers of all time. With six world championship titles won, he has made it to the top of racing. After initial difficulties, similar to Tommy Hilfiger, he was able to improve and develop year after year. Hard work, will, and ambition are all attributes that apply to this extraordinary personality. With this cooperation, the Tommy Hilfiger company has achieved a real coup. Lewis Hamilton expresses his special style and creates a unique urban street style. Hamilton's sporting DNA flows into Tommy Hilfiger's men's products, transforming them into modern, stylish and sporty masterpieces.

Collaboration with supermodel Gigi Hadid

With the collaboration of American supermodel Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger has cemented its presence in the women's fashion world. Gigi was able to incorporate her experience in fashion into her own Tommy Hilfiger collection. As an advertising medium and ambassador, the company benefits not only from Hadid's experience but also from his international reputation. Thanks to her, the company manages to bring trendy and stylish products to the market.