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Timepieces for Individualists - Vostok Wristwatches

The Lithuanian brand "Vostok Europe" offers an interesting selection of shapely and extremely robust quality watches. In terms of price, they are positioned among the high-quality utility watches. Their direct competitors are Casio Edifice, Seiko, Pulsar and some Swiss manufacturers such as Traser. Vostok watches are therefore not luxury objects, but they represent their wearer in an excellent way. Made of proven components, it can easily compete with all watches in its price range. However, through small details and a consistently pursued brand strategy, Vostok watches can clearly distinguish themselves from their competition.

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Wostock, Bostok or Vostok Europe? We'll explain!

Vostok watches come from the manufacturer "Vostok Europe". They are not related to the "Wostock" brand. Their name is often mistakenly spelled with a V. However, the watches of the brand from Lithuania are offered exclusively under the name "Vostok-Europe". The watches themselves can be easily distinguished by the lettering. The Lithuanian brand writes the name in Western script, the traditional military brand uses Cyrillic letters. To European eyes, it reads like "Bostock". Finally, there's the price. The watches from Vostok-Europe start at about 220 euros and go up to just under 1000 euros. Russian watches have their price caps where Lithuanian watches begin.

peculiarities of a Vostok

Vostok wristwatches are characterized by the following factors in a special way:

Vostok wristwatches are utilitarian items. They are designed to reliably keep track of time in tough outdoor use. This makes them a good companion, especially for athletes, hikers, divers and aviators. However, they are not intended for military use. In the cheapest version for 249 euros, it is equipped with a date display. However, chronographs from Vostok are available for an additional 10 euros. Up to about 350 euros, Vostock watches are available with straps made of genuine leather or silicone. Multi-link bracelets made of steel are available from about 20 euros more. In this price range, the chronographs dominate the range of Vostok wristwatches.

The large case is not necessarily to be understood as a particularly Marchial design element. Rather, the construction of Vostok watches requires a certain amount of oversizing. This is particularly evident in the interplay between the bezel and the glass. The bezel ends in a sharp-edged ring and slopes inwards. This makes it possible to engrave particularly large numbers. This is extremely practical, especially when used as a diver. With a water resistance of up to 300 meters, the matching Vostok watches can definitely be counted as professional devices. The inward bevel of the bezel makes it possible to recess the glass. This protects it well from side impacts. Vostok uses tempered mineral glass with a thickness of up to 3.5 mm. Many will probably turn up their noses at this and remark that a sapphire crystal belongs in a watch in this price range. But Vostok had something in mind when using this material. As resistant as sapphire crystal is, when the breaking load is reached, it shatters into thousands of splinters. These then settle throughout the watch. In the case of a sapphire crystal, glass damage usually means a replacement of the movement. Mineral glass, however, breaks along a clean break line. The watch is no longer waterproof, but the dial, movement and internal mechanics survive the damage without any problems if you visit a watchmaker immediately.

The recessed glass and the high bezel give the watch an unusual 3D effect. The view of the dial thus has a particularly fascinating and almost slightly hypnotic effect.

Who are Vostok watches suitable for?

Vostok wristwatches should not be bought blindly. The mighty timepieces don't look good on everyone's wrist. If the dial already looks larger than the palm of the hand, then Vostok watches are rather disproportionate to the wearer. A normally muscular man will definitely find the right model in the Vostok wristwatches. This is especially true for athletes or builders. However, it is not a working watch, it is too big and too valuable for that. Seiko or Casio offer useful models here. Vostok watches are therefore more like sports equipment that accompany their wearer during all outdoor activities. Sports with a high level of physical effort are therefore excellently complemented by Vostok wristwatches. In addition to free climbing, diving or survival camping, this also applies to practically all motorsports. With Vostok wristwatches on the wrist, rally drivers, aviators and motorcyclists will always find a reliable and suitable companion

What's in Vostok watches?

Vostok wristwatches are available with quartz movement or as automatic watches. The quartz movements come from Myota, the machines are purchased from Seiko. In doing so, the Lithuanian manufacturer is relying on the proven quality from Japan.


Like hardly any other manufacturer, Vostok Europe succeeds in combining exclusivity, commitment and an affordable price. The watches from Lithuania therefore enjoy a steadily growing fan base. Provided you have a sufficient physique, you never do anything wrong with Vostok wristwatches, but always do everything right. The affordable price also makes Vostok wristwatches ideal gifts. With this accessory, you show more than clearly the appreciation you have for the recipient.