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Kieninger - Quality since


The watch factory, founded in 1912 by Joseph Kieninger, stands for the highest quality craftsmanship in its more than 100-year history. The brand is particularly unique in the field of mechanical movements for a wide variety of clock types such as grandfather clocks, wall clocks or table clocks:  Kieninger is the oldest company specializing in mechanical movements  and that worldwide!

Over the years, Kieninger's striving to create new innovations and high-quality timepieces has proven to be a true strategy for success. The original principles of the art of watchmaking have been preserved to this day and form a wonderful connection to the origins of the company.

Numerous inventions and innovations in the world of watches are due to the Kieninger company, which always has its finger on the pulse of time in the constant pursuit of improvement. Inventions such as drive production with a special roller burnishing process, the automatic night switch-off for the percussion mechanisms, a power reserve that guarantees that the movement continues to run during the winding process and much more. These are just a few of the innovations that Kieninger has developed over the decades.

Of course, Kieniger movements are only one part of the success story of the famous brand from the Black Forest. It is only through installation in elaborately crafted and classically designed housing that a good clockwork becomes a high-quality grandfather, wall or table clock that will not only do its job for many decades but also says a lot about its owner as a representative piece of furniture.

Many models are designed in different versions, resulting in product families that include floor, wall or table clocks in the same design  just in different sizes and therefore suitable for a wide variety of occasions and facilities. Whether as a regulator for the living room, as a two-piece table clock for the office or as a slim grandfather clock for the entrance area.

Kieninger offers both lines in which modern, minimalist forms predominate, as well as classic large clocks that evoke memories of old times. The modern models are elaborately painted using the sanded lacquer process and have slender housings whose glass fronts and sides allow an insight into how the watch works. For lovers of classic grandfather clocks, Kieninger still presents a wide range of elaborately decorated large clocks, with a powerful base and headboard as well as with handmade dials, which are often adorned with a lunar calendar.