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Tips and trends in automatic watches

Find the right automatic watch for your needs

Automatic watches are especially for friends of technology. In contrast to quartz watches, mechanical movements work here instead of electronic pulse generators (the exception is Seiko with a line of mechanical quartz watches). Some models, such as those from Vostok Europe, contain a glass back that provides an unobstructed view of the movement. 100 percent precision should not be expected from most watches.

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What distinguishes an automatic watch

Automatic watches do not require a battery. The most important feature is probably the automatic winding of the mechanical movement by your own physical activity. When you move your arm or wrist, you set a spring in the movement in motion or exert energy on it. You use this energy to power the movement.
The next most important feature is the accuracy of automatic watches. Between - 20 seconds and + 30 seconds, the clocks usually deviate daily. This means that after a month, your watch could go wrong for a quarter of an hour in the worst case. A few automatic watches, however, even have the COSC certificate and are considered chronometers. These prove very precise movements in lengthy tests and run much more accurately.

The special handling of a special watch

If you are interested in an automatic watch, you should know how to deal with it. With a power reserve of one to three days, the watch should be worn regularly. If you only wear watches on special occasions, you will have to get used to regularly readjusting the time. However, some models, such as those from Citizen, can also receive and adjust the time independently via GPS satellites. These movements are really very high quality and should be maintained. If you want automatic watches to have a long life, you should protect them from shocks, adverse circumstances and stresses. Classic models should receive care of the movement after about three to five years so that their service life is optimally extended.

What you should look for when buying an automatic watch

The decisive factor with this type of watch is also your own claim.

Since automatic watches "wind" themselves through your movement, you have to pay attention to the power reserve or power autonomy. This indicates whether your watch can do without movement for 32 hours or even do without your activity for up to twice the time. For example, if you're someone who doesn't always wear a watch, you should buy an automatic watch with a very high power reserve. This would give you the best chance of not having to manually adjust your watch often.

Fashion trends also carry dangers

It is important to mention the trend towards mechanical watches. Fashion labels and manufacturers, who for years only had quartz watches in their assortment, are now offering more and more mechanical classics. It is important to note that the movements were often manufactured cheaply in Asia and are not on the same level as the predicates "Swiss made" or "Made in Germany". So if you prefer high quality, take a closer look at where the movement comes from and possibly also whether the manufacturer has been offering automatic watches for a long time.

automatic watches trends

In addition to the trend towards the smartwatch, very classic models are also experiencing their upswing again and again, regardless of time. Whether for nostalgia reasons or the technical advantages over digital watches from Apple and co: automatic watches are definitely one of the more popular categories again. Special models from Zeppelin, for example, can be worn both as a necklace and on a bracelet with great technology. The flowing movement of the second hand makes the uniqueness of automatic watches clear. The movement runs without a battery or rechargeable battery and you yourself drive the time, so to speak. The brands Seiko and Citizen are very well positioned in the selection of automatic watches.
Also check out models from Chris Benz. Although the brand is not so well known, it has very high-quality watches at reasonable prices in its range.