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Interesting aviator watches

At the beginning of the 20th century the precise, yet robust pilot watches were permanently installed equipment in standard fittings of aircrafts. Already in 1906, with the Cartier Santos, the world's first wrist-worn watch specifically for the pioneers of aviation was invented. Through the consistent further development of this idea, compact aviator watches were quickly developed, which were the first to meet the pilots needs.

At this time, the wearing of wrist watches was only widespread among women. However, this changed quickly with the advent of aviation watches. Especially since they impress by precision and high technology. Moreover, the striking appearance and robustness contributes greatly to the popularity of mechanical watches. Today, they are no longer only worn by pilots, but by men of different professions and social groups, as well as women of course.

The design is characterized mainly by a high-contrast dial and often a distinctive triangle printed instead of the 12. Furthermore, some pilot watches still have a large grip crown that allows to adjust the clock very accurate, even with gloves. Some pilot watches have hands coated with luminous colors that enable you to read the time at night. Often not only your own home-time appears on the Pilot's Watch, but also the time of other places as well. So you can read the times of different time zones at a glance using a pilot's watch. This is especially useful for pilots, who cross different time zones. Thus, pilot watches are not only for adventure and sportsmanship, but stand also for functionality and excellence in technology.

The range of pilot watches is broad and ranges in its variety from elegant and simple to extravagant and large. These timepieces are distinctive and became an integral part of the watch world. If you too can be excited by such a model, you will find, among other things, Junkers watches, but also other noble and sporting aviator watches in our shop.