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Hermle - Best Quality and Timeless Design

Only a few German manufacturers can look back on such a long history as Hermle. Founded in 1922 as a supplier of components for clockmakers, Hermle designs and manufactures high quality wall clocks, grandfather clocks and clocks for the whole apartment since 1930 in his own clock manufactory. Due to the nearly 100 years of experience, Hermle clocks are second to none in terms of functionality and quality of production.

Hermle is now one of the few German companies in the field of watchmaking, which can fully handle both the demand for clocks as well as for movements. Thus Hermle works are to be found around the globe in many mechanical and quartz watches and clocks especially in well known luxury brands. Hermle consciously stands up for high standards of quality, while the global market was literally flooded after the 1970s with substandard products.

Hermle turned especially agaist relatively inexpensive quartz movements with the introduction of their own developments. Hermle does not resign to the benefits of modern quartz movements, but equips these with lifelike electronic sound sensors to maintain the charm of a mechanical clock with striking mechanism. The range of Hermle can be divided into several categories that are best equipped with mechanical or quartz movements.

There is for example the classic grandfather clock, which has always been considered as a decorative as well as functional piece of furniture, which also enjoys high popularity even in today's fast paced times. Equipped with mechanical movements with several days of power reserve, automatic night shut-off and different melodies, depending on the model, exclusive clocks can be found in this category with an elegant finish, intended as representative furniture for the entrance, the living room or the office.

A smaller but no less elegant design offers a regulator. It is a very accurate pendulum clock with temperature compensation and high precision movement with a power reserve of up to one month - the so-called month-runner. Regulators are available in traditional designs with richly decorated headboard and various types of wood such as mahogany and beech or even in a minimalist, timeless version with lacquer surface.

The family of table and wall clocks comes up with many elegant models and series. Especially the table clock series of Hermle, which allow a full view of the mechanical mechanism, are especially in demand. Rarely clocks allow such a deep insight into the workings of a mechanical clock. The Hermle wall clock combines decades of tradition and experience in the manufacturing of precision products with modern designs and shapes.

Nautical clocks from Hermle can be found on yachts worldwide, they offer reliable quality, even in rough waters, as well as the familiar sound of a ship's bell chime. In addition, many models in this series are equipped with air pressure gauges, an essential accessory to any offshore regatta.

Hermle stands for the best watchmakers quality and timeless design. If you are looking for a high quality, reliable and prestigious timepiece, please feel free to take advantage of our individual counseling.