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has been producing mechanical movements mechanical movements for almost 94 years now, and during this long period the company has achieved something that only a few have achieved: they have preserved their tradition and at the same time repeatedly repositioned themselves on the market with innovative models. This could only succeed if they remained true to their high quality standards, mastered their traditional craft perfectly and still reacted to new trends. In addition, all Hermle watches are Âmade in Germanyâ.

Mechanical movements in all forms

Hermle as a brand is characterised not only by its particularly high quality standards, but also by a wide range of products. In addition to grandfather clocks and regulators, they also manufacture table clocks, wall clocks and ship's clocks, all of which you can of course find here in our shop! Almost all Hermle watches are powered by a mechanical movement, which is more popular than ever these days.

Design that combines yesterday with today

Hermle watches are also so sought after because they can represent different styles. On the one hand, there are the classic models that revive the zeitgeist of bygone times and make you dream of it, on the other hand, the modern, more purist watches pick up on the lifestyle of 2016. This is also reflected in the choice of materials: the traditional watches are made of solid wood such as walnut, oak or cherry tree. Recently, however, the trend has also been towards increasingly using black lacquered wood or metal in order to get a clear view of the housing in combination with glass.