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Nextime - Wide variety for clock lovers of all kinds

Founded in 1970, this Dutch clock manufacturer has been creating great clocks for over 40 years. With the help of the English and French styles, Nextime was able to gain a foothold in the world of clocks. Over time, Nextime developed more modern designs, which allowed the brand to survive in the market. Today, its spectrum ranges from classic to modern and it is one of the world's most important manufacturers of wall clocks.

If you have the choice, you are spoilt for choice. That's exactly what happens to those who are on the verge of getting hold of a wall clock from Nextime. Because the many different designs are so fascinating that you would like to own several Nextime clocks at the same time. From the teasing retro clock in vinyl record design with a turntable needle as a minute hand to the innovative pendulum clocks with a whisk as a pendulum clock, there are no limits to the imagination. Of course, the Nextimes range also covers the spectrum of round wall clocks with classic, Arabic numerical dials, so that the variety is really wide and clock lovers will certainly find their personal model here.

However, it is not only the design, but also the very good quality and the various functionalities that distinguish Nextime wall clocks and also Nextime table clocks. If you have any questions about the model of your choice, our competent team will be happy to help you at any time. Before that, however, we hope you enjoy browsing through our Nextime shop.