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Office clocks: punctuality and reliability

Brief history of the clock in the workplace

Since the beginning of industrialization, watches have been a great help in regulating work processes. So you always know exactly when you have a break or when you have to finish work.
But the introduction of clocks in the workplace was also a real breakthrough for productivity. The measurement of productivity by means of clocks in factories and other workplaces has not only enabled the introduction of the assembly line, but has also led to the reduction of working hours to the 8 hours a day that are common today.
One can rightly look forward to further office clock innovations that will be shown at INHORGENTA Munich in February 2016.

Exactly your type

Are you looking for a classic, plain dial or would you prefer a motif à la Why so serious? - there are no limits to your imagination. Are you immersed in work? Then maybe the van Gosen clock with the motif Done is just the right thing for your office. Or is the next holiday getting closer and closer? Then maybe the Nextime wall clock with the world map as a motif? So you can unobtrusively daydream about the longed-for goal. In general, world time clocks, i.e. clocks with the possibility of displaying several times of different time zones at the same time, are ideally suited for the workplace. Especially if you have a lot of contacts and business with foreign countries.

A breath of fresh air with office clocks

Are you short of color? Then bring a breath of fresh air into your office with a model from Atlanta or K-Edition. Of course, we also offer you more classic office wall clocks with wooden or metal frames and a simple dial. This means that there is a suitable model for every taste - whether proven classic or innovatively modern.

Quality and performance

Quality, unique design and innovation are just some of the characteristics of office clocks. Whether square or round, whether monochrome or colorful - these great wall clocks inspire everyone in their own way. As a result, they give every office a special charm. We would also be happy to advise you personally on the selection. By the way, we also offer special prices to bulk buyers with more than 10 watches.