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Tips and trends in quartz watches

Find the right pilot's watch for your needs

Quartz watches work with an electronic pulse generator and are multifunctional watches. At the end of the 1920s, the starting signal was given for the electronic all-rounders. The first steps in chemistry and physics took place, paving the way for the later models of a quartz watch. In the 1950's to 60's, Seiko became one of the pioneers among manufacturers and launched the first wristwatch with a quartz movement. A few years later, it developed into the mass market and Seiko and Citizen began to solve battery problems through alternative energy sources. There is a huge selection - find out what suits you in this article!

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What distinguishes a quartz watch

The namesake for quartz watches is the electronic or electromechanical movement instead of a completely mechanical movement. Consisting of oscillating quartz and watch quartz, the quartz movement sets the pace with a usually clearly audible, jumping second hand. Compared to automatic watches, which deviate by up to 30 seconds per day, quartz watches are true precision instruments: on average, they deviate from the real time by only five seconds per day. This is triggered by the physical properties of quartz, one of which is the exact predictability of the vibrations of the element. Fashion labels such as Boss also offer fashionably appealing quartz watches with many additional functions these days.

Many functions - What would you like to have?

Today, when we talk about the range of functions when we think of watches, we quickly think of smartwatches. But the quartz watch can also take on a variety of tasks in everyday life. For example, the compass and altimeter give you information about your whereabouts at a glance. Often, various time zones can be displayed, two times are almost a standard but not a must. For your organization, you often have a logbook, the timer, an alarm and a calendar at your disposal. The chronograph, a kind of stopwatch function, can also support this. At the same time, quartz watches can be waterproof to great depths. Some of the robust housings can withstand four-digit water depths. A subcategory of quartz watches are radio-controlled watches, which are known for additional accuracy.

What to look for when buying a quartz watch

Two main questions you should ask yourself have already been raised. Firstly, what functions do you want to find in your quartz watch? A wristwatch has a small display, which quickly seems unnecessarily crowded with four to five functions that you don't want to have. However, many additional functions are a practical aid in everyday life and cannot be taken over exclusively by smartphones, tablets and other panaceas of digitization.
Secondly, quartz watches were subject to the problem of frequent battery changes from the very beginning. That's why Seiko and Citizen started developing new technologies over 20 years ago. Whether it was a display with solar cells, rechargeable cells in the small quartz movement, or other alternative energy sources, the goal was to increase the time between battery changes. In the long run, you won't be able to avoid going to a specialist, but there are definitely big differences in how often you have to give your quartz watch a new battery. Feel free to take a look at our specifications and decide for yourself what is an acceptable period for you.

quartz watches trends

Due to the popularity of vintage products, which have become a true trend in recent years, quartz watches are also experiencing a resurgence. The classics often impress with their robustness and, above all, proven technology. According to surveys by market researchers, it is precisely this technology that customers actually want to see these days. This means that the watches should expose their movements as much as possible and make them visible so that you, as the wearer of the watch, can be fascinated by the technology behind your time display. In addition, chronographs as well as the materials bronze and titanium are currently experiencing enormous popularity. All these features can be combined in quartz watches, so you are definitely on trend when you choose a quartz watch!
Even though other manufacturers have not yet been named, well-known brands such as Zeppelin, Vostok Europe or Festina are also represented in the quartz watch sector. Fashionably up-to-date watches with a variety of high-quality functions can be found everywhere from our multitude of suppliers.