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Festina watches

Find the right Festina watch for your taste

You take a look at your watch and realize that a hard day's work is coming to an end. Exhausted, you go to the car and are asked by a sympathetic lady for the time. After a quick glance at your watch, you help the lady and immediately get a compliment on your elegant and exclusive watch. Find out here what makes Festina watches so elegant and exclusive and which variants are available for you.

Table of contents

The values of Festina

The watches of the Swiss brand Festina stand for quality craftsmanship and the highest precision. With a Swiss watchmaking tradition and Spanish entrepreneurial strength, Festina established itself in 90 countries as one of the leading brands, especially in the field of chronographs. Festina's recipe for success has been working for more than 100 years now. Watch enthusiasts all over the world are thrilled by the quality and technical finesse of all Festina watches. Let yourself be inspired by the unique combination of sporty design and aesthetic look. The Festina principle is simple: high-quality watches are produced at fair prices.

What makes a Festina watch

While Festina Festina women's watches stand for elegance and style, the Festina men's watches represent quality and functionality. Festina is also not afraid of the use of various materials. In addition to the typical materials such as leather and stainless steel, ceramic and silicone are also used. Accordingly, there is a suitable model from Festina for every taste.


What is a chronograph? A chronograph is a watch with an additional function. This function allows a second hand to run independently of the movement. This means that they can run their second hand for any purpose. For example, stop the time during a marathon run. You're probably wondering, what's the difference between a chronograph and a stopwatch? In contrast to the stopwatch, the hands of the chronograph continue to run for the displayed time. Thus, they have combined both functions with a chronograph. You can stop the time and read the current time at the same time. Nowadays, many women and men wear a chronograph watch as a fashion accessory. The stopwatch function is not actively used. So it doesn't matter if they make full use of the watch⤙s precise technology. The exclusive look of the watches alone is a selling point.

Festina Watches Trends

Here we would like to give a small outlook on developments and trends of Festina watches.

Tour de France

To coincide with the Tour de France, Festina launches a touring chronograph on the market every year. This watch, the so-called Chrono Bike, is eagerly awaited every year and is not only a cult object but also a collector's item. Since 1997, Festina's tour chronographs have been thrilling not only cycling fans. Because the dynamic design and the exceptional precision combine with the hype surrounding the cycling event to create an irresistible combination. For true cycling fans, the limited Festina Tour chronos are a must.

Boyfriend Collection

With the Boyfriend collection, Festina has set true standards for women⤙s watches. The watches can score with modern color combinations and noble appearance. Especially silver and pink gold-colored©watches are very trendy these days. The ladies' watches from Festina impress with high-quality functionality and exclusive designs. No matter what color they ultimately choose for the dial or case, they won't regret it.