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Let the sun do the work for you - Modern Solar Watches

Especially in times like these, it is particularly important that everyone is contributing to conserve resources and save energy. Whoever makes bigger acquisitions today, often also thinks about the consequences that follow from it. Whoever buys, electronic devices for example, is trying to buy eco-friendly materials and produce little waste. Just as environmentally friendly as that, you can buy watches nowadays!

Each watch that is not dependent on ordinary batteries, but is driven by solar energy, saves resources and actively contributes to environmental protection. The solar watches can be charged with real sunlight and in artificial light, the energy is applied in a storage for bad weather or dark environments. A reliable energy supply is guaranteed, which is independent of normal batteries. A battery change as conventional models require, is not necessary and thus the water resistance of the solar watch is increased because a watch which must not be opened, of course, is better equipped against water.

Many manufacturers have now specialized in the production of solar watches, almost every major brand has at least a small number of considerable watches. For example, the Casio solar watches or Citizen and Seiko Solar watches are currently very popular and also to purchase at reasonable prices.

You can only save more energy than with a solar watch, with a classical sundial which can also be purchased through our online store.