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XXL watches - precision on a grand scale

Size is not always a sign of quality or other outstanding features, but when it comes to the clarity of watches, you can't fool an XXL watch so quickly.

Unmistakable and very decorative, these are probably the first thoughts you have of an XXL watch. Especially if you are looking for a clock for large halls and want to make sure that you can read the clock from a greater distance, XXL wall clocks are ideal. But even in smaller rooms, these large clocks make a lot of impression.

From clocks with a

radius of 50cm to large design clocks with a length of 170 cm are available in numerous variations in our XXL wall clock shop.

In addition to the large clocks, which shine due to their oversize, more unusual models are of course also available in XXL format. The Andre Gosali brand, for example, offers 9-piece watches that, when put together, make a large canvas print. Motifs such as the world photographed from space or an antique map of the world are attractively staged here as a display field of an analogue clock. The imposing large-capacity clocks take on a span of 80 x 80 cm, which makes the motif stand out particularly well.