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Regulators - Accuracy meets elegance and modernity

In general, one uses the term 'Regulator' for very accurate or precise clocks and watches, with a regulator dial. In this category, you will find numerous models of the first group, that will surely capture you.

The deviation rate of very good regulators is less than one second per month. Regulators are characteristically rectangular, with upright housing with one or more doors and glass inserts. However, the case has been adapted to the prevailing style. Today, there are regulators in many different ways in order to meet the various tastes. The majority of Regulators has an impact mechanism and spring drive or escapement. The pendulum of a regulator is often relatively short.

The winding up of such a pendulum clock is made quite simple. The existing weights must be pulled up depending on the model using either the spring or the chains. By the movement of the pendulum, they reduce in accordance with the transitional period again and will soon be pulled up again. There are Regulators with only one weight, but also those with several.

Hermle Regulators are available in a variety of shapes, colors and styles. The classic and elegant models of wood in various designs fit into any interior. The futuristic minimalist pendulum made of glass is on the other hand matching more modern interiors. Their dial is rectangular and the movement is fully visible. Also, there is no door with glass insert in front of the pendulum.

Kieniger Regulators are pretty and classy. They consist mostly of wood, but there are also models of slate. All Kieninger clocks are of high quality and have a long life. The diversity of Kienigers is broad and ranges from classic chic to ultra-modern.

Both Kieninger and Hermle Regulators, as well as the other well-known brands such as Seiko and AMS, you will within our product range. Should any question arise, please contact our experienced team.