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Silent Alarm Clocks - Reliable little helpers for those who appreciate silence

The first criterion for your new Alarm Clocks is silence? Then you are exactly right. Because particular alarm clocks with sweeping seconds are silent and make no ticking sounds. The principle of the sweeping second is easily explained: The second hand moves continuously and does not "jump" from one second marker to the next. So the annoying "tick - tock" noise does not occur.


Another essential feature of your new alarm clock is a luminous dial? Even that we can provide of course. The Atlanta 3054, for example, is equipped with a dial with a special night glow effect. Thus, you can set the time even at night or in the dark, with lowered roller shutters or the like, they are easily readable without additional light.

A gentle tone of your alarm clock is unthinkable for you since you are a light sleeper anyway? Our recommendation is a radio clock, where you can adjust the volume yourself. However, if you prefer an alarm clock with "real" dial, we can also test the alarm volume of the favorite alarm clock of yours. Send us an email or call us, provide us with brand and product code of the device in question and we will take care of the rest.

If your alarm clock should be analog and silent, you should opt for the Seiko QHE038. These are available in three different designs, which are designated by the letters A, T and Z at the end of the product code. Of course, these alarm clocks have the usual Seiko longevity.

As depicted above, the projection alarm clocks from Oregon Scientific are of course silent. In addition, digital alarm clocks have usually only the alarm at the set time. Read more about it in the according category. For further questions, please contact us.