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Dugena watch brand one with history

The German watch brand Dugena stands for first-class timepieces since 1917, with the title Made in Germany. A few key points of the nearly 100-year history of Dugena are to be mentioned here:

Dugena was founded in 1917 under the name German Watchmaker Cooperative Alpina in Eisenach. From 1927, and now headquartered in the German capital Berlin, the association was dedicated first to the distribution of exclusive and high-quality timepieces from Germany, before they were manufacturing and designing their own watches by Dugena.

Especially at the time of the German economic miracle after the Second World War, Dugena succeeded to consolidate its market position and expands continuously since then. The decisive factor was the rapid resettlement from the Soviet part of the capital, from which a distribution had become almost impossible in the West. New home of the Dugena eG was in 1948 the city of Darmstadt, which offered ideal conditions for the future development of the brand. They made a name for themselves not only among watch lovers in the Federal Republic.

Even in the 1960s and 1970s, the now internationally recognized German watch manufacturer was a guarantee of technical innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of the times. Dugena always kept up with the technical development or was a pioneer. So Dugena was one of the first watchmakers to recognize the advantages of high accuracy and reliability of modern quartz movements with the introduction of the first quartz works. During the so-called quartz revolution Dugena proved in other ways entrepreneurial skills and client proximity, as the watchmaker drove forward a merger of Germany's two thousand watch stores.

Meanwhile Dugena is one of the few German watch brands that can look back on to nearly a century of experience. This is particularly reflected in the quality and value of Dugena timepieces. At the same time it creates the watch new again and again to adapt to the realities of the modern and changing watch market. This includes the realignment and acquisition of NOVA TEMPORE Design watches which can be offered through selected dealers along with the main brand Dugena.

From the minimalist and timeless watches for men, to the discreet decorative timepiece for the lady, the latest collection of Dugena offers a wide selection of quality watches and chronographs. Particularly in the sports area, Dugena Men's watches from the series Dugena Sport perform impressively with the skilful fusion of chronograph functions with the best modern digital display.

With the Series Dugena Cavalier, the manufacturer is heading into the opposite direction. In this series of classic style elements, the shapes of pocket watches are reissued. Also the Dugena ladies watches show that classic and modern elements can be combined in exclusive pieces of jewelery. This can be seen especially in the watches of the Dugena Gala Collection, which are both elegant and understated.

The models with links-bracelets offer a comfy wearing-experience and catch the eye of the beholder, catching all attention to the wrist of the wearer. A large selection of quality Dugena Ladies and men's watches can now be found in our online store. Including Dugena men watches gold - plated and Dugena premium watches including personal consultation.