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Travel Alarm Clock - the reliable companion at any location

The next business trip is on and you need to keep important dates? Or you want to go jogging in the morning in your holiday to enjoy the sea breeze? Then a chic travel alarm clock is certainly just the right thing for you. They are small, compact and totally reliable - if you set the alarm time.

Whether analog or digital, travel alarm clocks are usually robust and durable. If you have important appointments, digital travel alarm clocks are rather beneficial, since these also display the day of week and / or date. Also, travel radio clocks offer benefits, since they neither run to fast or to slow.

A travel alarm clock should not be missing in any travel bag or suitcase in any case. If you belong to the species "long sleeper" and can not stand up well in the morning, the snooze function is ideal for you. This function of some travel alarm clocks allows you to stay in bed a little longer, without being afraid to sleep to long. The alarm goes off again after a few minutes and wakes you gently from your slumber.

A very special model is the alarm clock "World Time Clock" by Luminox. Its glass is made from specially hardened mineral crystal and its night readability is up to 25 years. As the name suggests, it is a world time alarm clock, which of course best serves its purpose when traveling. For the different time zones, there is one city per zone printed on the casing of this travel alarm clock. You also get a leather case for the carefree transport.

You can buy cheap travel alarm clocks with us, for our Low Price Guarantee promises, that you will get the lowest price online. For further questions, please feel free to contact our motivated expert team.