Why continue searching and thinking about gifts, when the perfect present is waiting right here! Whether for your wife, your girlfriend, your mother, your daughter, your sister, or another woman who plays an important role in your life. The Seiko SSVV011 is the most elegant present you will ever give.

Special features like the radio-controlled solar movement

The silver ladies watch has a hinged bracelet made of hard-coated stainless steel as well as a case made of the same material. The watch glass is a scratch-proof sapphire glass with a super-clear-coat which ideally protects the watch against any impact. However, the special features are found in the details:

Apart from the typical functions, this watch also has an automatic calendar until 2099, a world time clock including 25 time zones, a daylight savings function, and an energy saving function. Moreover, the radio-controlled solar movement with a receptor for radio signals from transmitting stations in Japan, Germany, and China is the best feature. It has a power reserve of up to six months.


Solar watches are watches with a quartz technology and gain their power supply by transforming solar energy into electric energy through solar cells, which are integrated into the surface of the watch.

In order to provide sufficient energy supply over night or for longer periods of darkness, accumulators are integrated in the watch. They allow for a darkness power reserve of multiple months. Apart from automatic quartz drive, which is primarily produced by Seiko, solar energy drive is the second established technology for quartz watches on the market, and it does not need a change of the battery.

This nice watch is an absolute „all-rounder“, as you can say. Apart from all these functions and special features, the ladies watch also looks super elegant. The silver face has two Roman numbers (12 and 6) and a marker. Small stones are applied to some of the markers.

Alternative to the SSVV011

Another option is the SSVV012. The appearance is the only difference between both watches. Otherwise, they have the same features. If you prefer the look of this ladies watch, you receive the same product with this watch.

It convinces with a bicoloured wristband, a combination of silver and rosé-gold. The bezel, the markers, and the hands are rosé gold as well. The face is crème white.