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Anniversary Table Clocks - full of momentum and elegance

Anniversary Clocks are available from various reputable manufacturers, we offer for example Haller Anniversary Clocks, AMS Anniversary Clocks, and Rhythm Anniversary Clocks in different variations.

Not only the exterior of the exceptional watches makes them so popular. Those who can get excited about clocks and who know how to appreciate the highlights of this mechanical anniversary clocks , such as the torsion pendulum, which enables the clock with an elevator for a period of several months. The high quality finish of these pieces of jewelry is of course enormously high, which causes a very long life and reliability of the table clocks.

The pendulum of the clocks, more precisely the rotating pendulum, is a very distinctive identifying feature. In addition to this refinement, there are different variations of the clocks. Thus, the AMS and Haller Anniversary Clocks, for example, are almost all covered with a cylindrical rising and rounded up glass dome, the dial and the rotating pendulum always are a little bitt changed, resulting in countless design possibilities. Thus, the weights of the spherical pendulum rotation times can be simple metal balls, but sometimes also for its elaborate gemstones or otherwise form various shapes. The Rhythm clocks , however, are usually box-shaped and often feature a strap on the top, so that the clock can also be carried comfortably. Of course in addition to the various forms of the housing, different materials are used, and the color design of the clocks always varies.