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Classic table clocks - timelessly beautiful clocks for elegant living rooms Classic table clocks

exude as much charm and elegance as hardly any other style element that you can set up in your apartment or house. Table clocks are associated with the good old days of the watchmaking industry. In contrast to the modern table clocks, the classic counterpart stands for style and timeless elegance.

A classic table clock can be anything from a simple timepiece in the style of an alarm clock from 100 years ago, to high-quality clocks from Hermle or Haller.

For example, the so-called Hall annual clocks are very popular. These wonderful timepieces come from a very stylish series, which is regularly expanded with a few selected models. The basic design remains mostly unchanged: a small table clock with a glass dome above it. Usually equipped with a rotary pendulum and with a dial standing on columns. Among other things, the dial or the color of the watch is changed here, for example in silver, gold or other colors such as ultramarine.

Classic table clocks look particularly good if the surrounding ambience also reflects a classic setting, for example through classic furniture or through existing classic wall clocks or other wall decorations.

These classic clocks also look very good on a mantelpiece. This place underlines the nobility of a classic table clock all the more. Because not only the choice of the watch is of great importance, but also the choice of location and surrounding accessories. It is always recommended to have a vase full of fresh flowers on a table, which offer a wonderful contrast to the venerable, classic shapes and thus provide positive energy. On a mantelpiece, color-coordinated candlesticks would look very good, preferably from the same or a similar style era.