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Ferdisign - originals directly from the artist

Ferdisign clocks are all personally made by the Dutch artist Ferdi de Bruijn. The signed works are made in a very modern and colorful style, sometimes very geometric and in black and white.

Ferdi de Bruijn follows a very simple, yet artistically demanding principle when designing objects as well as clocks: To refresh the spirit of everyday items of a wide audience through new design and paint and to elevate the everyday object into a work of art, which nevertheless retains its function and is not alienated into a purely decorative element.

In particular, the strong colors of the clocks on canvas is typical for his work, and makes much of his style. The clocks attract with bold colors and their energetic application, they appear lively and radiate vitality and energy. The purely black and white clocks are also very appealing with their geometric shapes, sometimes abstract forms do not just fit in already very colorful home furnishings, but very well into the overall concept of a minimalistic apartment. Since they have a very high energy through the forms used, the colorful apartment would look overloaded with a colourful clock. Better go with the more suitable geometric black and white clock, a timeless timepiece.

But also even more modest clocks are manufactured by the well-known artists, such as wall clocks in wood optics in which the artist has worked more as a designer and customizes the clocks according to his imagination.