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Gallo - Italian precision

Especially the larger clocks such as the Cordoba by Gallo are enjoying growing popularity. Just as exotic as the namesake of the clock is, the same flair will be spread in your home by setting it up. Named after the currently third-largest city in Andalusia, the design in lime wood (three color variations are available) recalls the elegance and the temperament of southern Spain. The carved wood with numerous playful details speaks for the high quality workmanship of clocks and the time invested by the manufacturer into the production of each Gallo timepiece. With the three color variations, the Gallo clock fits well into any interior design concept.

Everybody who wants to buy mechanical clocks of particular high quality is just right at Gallo. The high reliability and high quality of the clockworks produced by the reputable brand is self-evident.

Most fascinating about the clocks offered by the brand Gallo is not only the high-quality design, but also the incredible range. Gallo clocks of cheap prices to expensive mechanical clocks, everything that the heart of a clock friend desires is available.

The special flair of the Gallo clocks is supported by the fact that you can not acquire them everywhere. Only a few selected retailers such as sell Gallo wall clocks.