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Industrial clocks. To make sure your craftsmen know the time at a single glance!

Wall clocks that are suitable for workshops and similar premises hide behind the term 'industrial clocks'. They are usually quite large and hard to miss. So craftsmen and other workers never lose the time out of sight and do their job well in time.

An industry clock manufacturer would for example GER technology. But clock manufacturer such as Smiths Clocks or AMS also produce wall clocks of this magnitude and robustness. The clocks are not only sturdy, but also an absolutely accurate timepiece.

This cutting edge technology is combined with a great design. Whether round or squared, whether index or numbers, with us every industrial company will find the right wall clock. In particular, the indoor and outdoor clocks of GER Technik are suitable for many industrial sectors. In factories, schools, sports grounds and stations, located in these and other areas are clocks in XXL size advantageous. Because here are many people who always need to keep an eye on the time. The swimmer knows when he has to leave the pool, to avoid being inadvertently locked in. The craftsman will not forget the time and appear on time for the customer.

Another advantage of industry clocks for outdoor use is their weather resistance: they resist literally any weather. Whether the sun is at high temperature or it's raining like cats and dogs, outdoor clocks can resist a lot. On the other hand, we also offer great indoor clocks with positive aspects: The time is always easy to read no matter where it is placed, it is always in the fields of view of several people simultaneously. Whether large office space or garage, this huge indoor clocks are extremely useful for everyone.