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Jacob Jensen - wonderful housing clocks with a unique touch

The world-renowned designer Jacob Jensen created a completely new standard in the world of residential clocks with his ideas of style and beauty. Characteristics of his design are clean lines and reduced elegance, which is able to speak for itself and does not have to focus on bold and flashy looks to gain attention.

An enormous advantage is shown with the smaller Jacob Jensen clocks for the living room, which come about by the long experience of the designer in the world of product design: the mutability of clocks. Many models can be used both as wall clocks and standing on a base, so that they can be placed as a decorative element on a table.

Jacob Jensen Weather Stations are enjoying great popularity, some of them are even produced with more details than usual, for example with a rain gauge, which measures the exact precipitation values. Regular weather stations are of course also available in the renowned Jacob Jensen Design.

Wall Clocks by Jacob Jensen are also often manufactured specially according to the customer's wishes. You can choose the time zones in advance, which are to be displayed on your world time clock to make sure your favorite places are visible at one glance. Especially in offices or with an international family that is scattered all over the world, one does not need to think about what time it is somewhere else, you can see everything at a glance.