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K-Edition - wonderful artworks by artists for art lovers

The watches of the brand K-edition are a very unique feature on the clock market. The clocks are not only handmade, they are designed by artists and always show the signature of the artist, so each of the pieces produced is unique, a work of art.

In the studio, the clocks are made in a very specific way, the artist uses modelling clay in addition to the colors, giving the (mostly) canvas a very structured and three-dimensional expression. The processing of such surfaces might seem a bit rough at first, at second glance, however, these works are characterized by special optical effects that can be achieved only in such technique. By using the three-dimensional space, not only the color and the shape is used as a design element, but the effect of light and shadow plays now with the view and changes the image depending on the angle of sunlight the optical effect a little.

K-edition clocks follow a basic style, which is characterized by its harmonious color values and the structured shape. From very controlled geometric shapes to iridescent color gradients and rougher structures on the surface, all this makes the heart of the Art Lover skip a beat.