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Meister-Stück - unique high quality pieces of masters hand

The name of the company already speaks for itself: Meister-Stück is the German expression for a master-piece. Each of the clocks is being manufactured in a small factory, hand-made and unique, produced with charming details.

Whoever is deciding for a Meister-Stück clock, will truly receive a master-piece. The stylish clocks are made from quality materials that are hand-picked especially for the production. The extensive product selection remains the same, which speaks for the high quality work. In addition to the high quality and solid wood, Kieninger clock works from the Black Forest are being used exclusively.

Everyone who has chosen the right clock from the different models, can also express personal wishes, the customer may, for example, choose the type of wood, in which his own grandfather clock is made. So if you like the style or the general case of a clock, you can get it instead of cherry in maple without problems. Even complete custom-made designs are available.

The style of grandfather clocks is timeless, they look like from another, bygone era. The wonderful thing about these clocks is the quiet elegance that they exude. They enhance the spatial impression significantly and are almost indispensable in a high quality home furnishing. Due to the numerous details such as the carvings on the housing or technical refinements such as the lunar phase calendar, the clocks are a special treat for sore eyes.