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Napoleon and Mantel Clocks - decorative timepieces for the upper atmosphere

The famous design of Napoleon clocks owes its name to the famous military hat from the 18th Century, more precisely to its most famous member: Napoleon Bonaparte, whose name is now used almost interchangeably for the so called Zweispitzhut (German for: two-pointed hat).The headwear of many officers, is today mostly associated with the later emperor. Based on the sideway worn hat with high folded brim, the Napoleon Clock use the distinctive curved shape that is highest in the middle and on both sides extends downwards in a wide arc.

These clocks are particularly often placed on a mantelpiece, since the shape of the clock and the high-quality workmanship are best presented on a place like that. The very classic designed casing appears timeless and therefore fits well into many spatial concepts, whether modern, minimalist or with many antiques. Mantel clocks, table clocks, or whatever you want to call the little trinkets, they do very well at each site.

The mantel clocks, however, include not only the Napoleon clocks, numerous other models fit perfectly into this category and on the mantelpiece. For example, mantel clocks of the brands AMS, Hermle, Kieninger and Scania. The renowned watch manufacturers put most effort onto the quality rather than quantity, the materials used are mostly high-quality wood or precious metals that are not only visually good looking, but also promise a long lifespan of the product. The modern mantel clocks come, in contrast to antique mantel clocks, with much less decoration. Particularly old mantel clocks present mostly in the form of highly decorated tendrils or with some figures, mantel clocks have therefore changed significantly and are now much simpler and more restrained.