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Nautical Clocks - Maritime Atmosphere

The brand Hermle is a pioneer in the field of nautical clocks. Thus, most clocks are now directly connected with the international brand for high quality clocks, sought after because of the quality of workmanship, the brand's reputation reaches far beyond the country's borders.

The special status of the ship's clocks derived from the opportunities offered by these timepieces to sailors. These clocks not only measure time very reliably, but also exhibit essential instruments such as the barometer and the thermometer, namely providing important data for navigation.

Already the very first models of this kind had an important function in determining the geometric length. This allowed, for the first time, to determine the longitude and to perform very well as the very accurate determination of the position on the high seas. The determination of longitude was done with the precise measurement of the current time at a certain point (whose longitude is known), this value would then at a second point (the longitude, which you wanted to get to know) be compared, by the current time on the chronometer and then calculated the Longitude of this second position. If one now measures a time difference of four minutes, the longitude has exactly changed by one degree.

To meet the demands of a nautical clock just, Hermle clocks are made from very high quality materials. So many are made of brass or of precious woods.